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Quick guide to RIDDOR 2013

Quick guide to RIDDOR 2013If there's an accident or a case of work-related illness in your business, you'll need to promptly check if it's reportable to the HSE. Use our quick reference guide to do this.Report itThe types of incident which are reportabl... Read more

Rules for first aiders-appointed persons

Rules for first aiders/appointed personsAs with any aspect of the employment relationship, it's important that you make it clear to those with first aid duties, just what you expect of them. With this in mind, issue some simple rules so they know what ... Read more

Accident report form

Accident report formDepending on the needs of your business, you may find that the standard accident book doesn't fully meet your needs. If so, take a look at our form as it contains all the key information in one place.Reporting accidentsDepending on... Read more

First aid needs assessment

First aid needs assessmentTo keep your employees safe and comply with the law you must have a sufficient level of first aid cover. Use our document to carry out and record your assessment.Do you need to do this?To comply with the Health and Safety (F... Read more

First aid kit contents checklist

First aid kit contents checklistIf a ready-stocked first aid kit doesn't meet your organisation's particular needs, you can make up your own. If you need some help, just run through our contents checklist in order to ensure that you leave nothing out.C... Read more

Allergy emergency action plan

Allergy emergency action planA severe allergic reaction can prove fatal unless immediate and effective action is taken. Use our form to ensure you are prepared.What is covered?If you have staff (or students, residents, service-users etc.) who are at ... Read more

First aid quiz

First aid quizNot everyone must be trained in first aid, but all staff should understand the initial steps to take in a medical emergency. Use our quiz to test staff knowledge and make sure the right action will be taken.Test timeOur First Aid Quiz i... Read more

Appointed person role

Appointed person roleWhen assessing the need for first aid personnel you might decide that one or more staff should take charge during an emergency, but that first aid training isn't necessary. Use our document to explain what's required.First response... Read more

Flow chart - near misses

Flow chart - near missesA near miss is an incident which did not result in an injury, illness or damage, but had the potential to do so. If you are unsure how best to deal with such events our flow chart will help.Why record them?A near miss is an op... Read more

Accident - photo record

Accident - photo recordIn the event of an accident it's vital to collect as much evidence as possible to ascertain what happened. Using our new photo record will help you to do this.Recording factsCompleting an accident investigation can be a tricky p... Read more
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