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Weekly fire alarm test record

Weekly fire alarm test recordIf you have an electric fire alarm on the premises with manual alarm call points, then you need to test the alarm on a weekly basis. That's where our weekly fire alarm test record comes in.Weekly testTesting the alarm shou... Read more

Fire alarm call point register

Fire alarm call point registerIf you have an electric fire alarm, it can assist with record keeping if you allocate a unique number to each manual call point. This is particularly helpful when you're carrying out weekly alarm tests. Our fire alarm cal... Read more

Fire safety officer inspection

Fire safety officer inspection Now that inspectors have additional powers, being prepared for a visit is more important than ever. Make sure you keep a record of what was said, any recommendations made etc.Inspection recordThe role of a fire safety o... Read more

Fire evacuation record

Fire evacuation record Once you've identified your evacuation routes, procedures etc., your next step is to test that they work. During the test an observer should formally record facts and figures which should then be used to identify whether or not ... Read more

Fire marshal role and acceptance

Fire marshal role and acceptanceA fire marshal is someone who takes responsibility for fire issues in the area in which they work, and ensures that staff are evacuated in a safe and timely manner. Our fire marshal role and acceptance document makes c... Read more

Visitor identification card

Visitor identification cardIf you have visitors on your site then you'll need to ensure they're accounted for and evacuated in the event of a fire. To do this you should have a formal system in place, which all of your staff are aware of and follow at ... Read more

Develop and deliver effective fire training

Develop and deliver effective fire trainingCreating, developing and delivering your own fire safety training can be a daunting task. Although we have already provided the material to use, you may need a little help in putting the training session tog... Read more

Electrical equipment check sheet

Electrical equipment check sheetOne of the most common sources of ignition is faulty electrical equipment. As such you should carry out visual and more thorough inspections to ensure what you're using isn't a potential fire hazard.Checks on electrical ... Read more

Fire training and instruction record sheet

Fire training and instruction record sheet All occupants/employees are required to have appropriate and adequate instruction and training in the actions to be taken in the event of a fire. This should be given as soon as possible once they have commen... Read more

Fire door register

Fire door registerFire doors are an essential part of a building's fire defences. In order to make it easier to record your fire door checks using our monthly door inspection record, we recommend that you create a fire door register.Number and locatio... Read more
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