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Fire precautions - fire fighting equipment

Fire precautions - fire fighting equipmentWhen undertaking a fire risk assessment one aspect you must consider is the provision of fire fighting equipment. Our risk assessment sheet will guide you through the process.what's included?On the first page ... Read more

Fire log book review

Fire log book reviewOnce you've delegated fire safety servicing, testing and inspection tasks, you still need to monitor to ensure that they're done. Use our form to keep a record.How to use the formKeeping a record of management checks at the end of y... Read more

Fire risk assessment - small premises

Fire risk assessment - small premisesIf you have a small and straightforward premises, it should be relatively easy to write your own fire risk assessment. Our fire risk assessment - small premises will help.DIY fire risk assessmentWriting a fire ris... Read more

Fire service strike checklist

Fire service strike checklistWe probably take it for granted that if all else fails, the Fire & Rescue Service will be there, whether it's responding to a fire or some other emergency. So if there's a fire service strike, you'll need to be prepared. Tha... Read more

Fire fighting equipment register

Fire fighting equipment register When recording inspections of fire fighting equipment it helps if you have allocated a unique number to each item. Our fire fighting equipment register will help you to do this.Using the form The form includes columns... Read more

Monthly fire door inspection record

Monthly fire door inspection recordFire doors slow the spread of fire and smoke in a building, allowing occupants to escape. These need to be properly maintained and our monthly fire door inspection record will help you to achieve this.Legal requirem... Read more

Escape route checksheet

Escape route checksheetOnce you've identified a passageway as an escape route, it's vital to keep it clear, easily identifiable and useable. This should involve weekly formal checks in addition to more frequent visual inspections.Why and how to use the... Read more

Fire alarm testing instructions

Fire alarm testing instructionsIt's relatively easy for your own staff to carry out a weekly fire alarm test, but you need to make sure they've been instructed in the correct procedure. Use our fire alarm testing instructions to train them.Using the do... Read more

Weekly fire alarm test record

Weekly fire alarm test recordIf you have an electric fire alarm on the premises with manual alarm call points, then you need to test the alarm on a weekly basis. That's where our weekly fire alarm test record comes in.Weekly testTesting the alarm shou... Read more

Fire alarm call point register

Fire alarm call point registerIf you have an electric fire alarm, it can assist with record keeping if you allocate a unique number to each manual call point. This is particularly helpful when you're carrying out weekly alarm tests. Our fire alarm cal... Read more
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