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Fire risk assessment - scale drawing

Fire risk assessment - scale drawingUse our scale drawing document to create a plan of your building showing the location of fire hazards, fire fighting equipment, escape routes etc. why you need onePutting together a fire plan of your premises fulfi... Read more

Fire management - control measures

Fire management - control measuresAs you work through your fire risk assessment identifying fire hazards, you also need to decide what action to take to control them. Our control measures document will prompt you. Risk reduction In our fire risk asse... Read more

Fire check record

Fire check recordOur record form is designed to be a short and simple document to keep track of regular fire safety checks. What's covered?Cut downMost fire safety logbooks include separate sheets for fire alarms, fire doors, extinguishers, etc. This ... Read more

Fire risk assessment - document control sheet

Fire risk assessment - document control sheetOur control sheet acts as an index and record for your fire risk assessment documents. What's covered?There are 19 separate forms in our fire risk assessment system for larger premises. The purpose of this ... Read more

Fire risk assessment - introduction

Fire risk assessment - introductionIf you use our fire risk assessment system you'll have a number of sheets assessing different topics. Why not set the scene with our introduction document which provides essential premises details?Using the formOur r... Read more

Fire hazards - sources of fuel

Fire hazards - sources of fuelWhen carrying out a fire risk assessment your starting point is to identify hazards, including materials which can burn. Use our document to note your findings.Systematic assessmentOur fire risk assessment system include... Read more

Fire risk assessment - fire management

Fire risk assessment - fire managementIn addition to identifying sources of fuel, oxygen and heat, your fire risk assessment should check that your management arrangements are up to scratch. What's covered?The Fire Risk Assessment - Fire Management fo... Read more

Fire hazards - sources of oxygen

Fire hazards - sources of oxygenThe final requirement for a fire to burn is oxygen; remove it and the fire will be extinguished. Obviously you can't remove oxygen completely from your premises, but you can control the amount in an area.Managing the su... Read more

Fire hazards - sources of ignition

Fire hazards - sources of ignitionWhen conducting a fire risk assessment one of the first things you need to do is to identify the fire hazards. Use our document to help you.In contextAll organisations with responsibility for non-domestic premises ha... Read more

Fire hazards - persons at risk

Fire hazards - persons at riskOne of the very first steps in completing your fire risk assessment is to identify who is potentially at risk from a fire. Use our persons at risk form to record your findings.In contextAll organisations with responsibil... Read more
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