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Fire safety compliance audit

Fire safety compliance auditWhether you're responsible for fire safety at a premises or carrying out a review on someone else's behalf, it's a good idea to use a formal checklist. Our audit document fits the bill.When and how to use itFire safety is obv... Read more

External metal fire escape checksheet

External metal fire escape checksheetExternal metal fire escape stairways and gantries can deteriorate to a dangerous state if left unchecked.  Our checksheet covers the problems to look out for.Why do you need it?This type of structure is often out... Read more

Corrective action report

Corrective action reportWhen you've assessed the risk of fire on your premises, the next stage is to put together an improvement plan. Our corrective action report will help you to cover all that's required.Where does this form fit in?Our fire risk ass... Read more

Fire log book contents list

Fire log book contents listTraditionally, businesses have kept all of their fire records together in a fire log book. Our template fire log book contents list tells you what to include.Why keep one?A fire log book is a folder where you keep all of th... Read more

Visitor record book

Visitor record bookKeeping track of visitors and making them aware of your fire procedures is a must. You can achieve both using a visitor record book.Sign in here pleaseWe appreciate that asking visitors to sign in when they arrive at your premises ... Read more

False alarm record

False alarm recordIt's good practice to keep a record of false alarms as part of your fire log book. Use our record form to do this.Why record these events?Whilst there isn't a legal requirement to keep a record of false alarms, there are several advan... Read more

Fire extinguisher selection guide

Fire extinguisher selection guideHow many extinguishers do you require? Our guide will help you ascertain the correct figure.Why use it?Although you can ask the advice of a fire extinguisher supplier they aren't exactly unbiased and you may find that ... Read more

Fire risk assessment - scale drawing

Fire risk assessment - scale drawingUse our scale drawing document to create a plan of your building showing the location of fire hazards, fire fighting equipment, escape routes etc. why you need onePutting together a fire plan of your premises fulfi... Read more

Fire management - control measures

Fire management - control measuresAs you work through your fire risk assessment identifying fire hazards, you also need to decide what action to take to control them. Our control measures document will prompt you. Risk reduction In our fire risk asse... Read more

Fire check record

Fire check recordOur record form is designed to be a short and simple document to keep track of regular fire safety checks. What's covered?Cut downMost fire safety logbooks include separate sheets for fire alarms, fire doors, extinguishers, etc. This ... Read more
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