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Emergency contacts list

Emergency contacts listWhen something goes wrong it's useful to have a list of telephone numbers to hand so that staff can obtain help quickly. Use our emergency contacts list to create such a document.What's covered?The form includes the following sec... Read more

Evacuation procedure

Evacuation procedureIn the event of a fire, ensuring everyone's out of your building should be your primary consideration. However, how this is achieved shouldn't be left to luck. It's something that should be formalised so that if the worst case happen... Read more

Classification of fire extinguisher information sheet

Classification of fire extinguisher information sheetThere's a wide range of extinguishers available, so it can be confusing to know which ones to put where. Our information sheet makes this task simple.The right choiceGetting your extinguisher choice... Read more

Responsible person role and authorisation

Responsible person role and authorisationThe Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 introduced the role of "responsible person" (RP) and made it clear that all employers automatically take on this role in respect of their premises and activities. R... Read more

Fire safety law - a quick guide

Fire safety law - a quick guideIf you need to know how fire safety law applies to your premises, then our quick guide is a good place to begin. It answers the most common questions asked.What's covered?Our Fire Safety Law - A Quick Guide covers freque... Read more

Fire triangle

Fire triangleAll staff should understand some of the basic principles of fire safety as part of their fire awareness training. Use our fire triangle to develop their knowledge.What is the fire triangle?Fire is a chemical reaction which requires three... Read more

Fire safety compliance audit

Fire safety compliance auditWhether you're responsible for fire safety at a premises or carrying out a review on someone else's behalf, it's a good idea to use a formal checklist. Our audit document fits the bill.When and how to use itFire safety is obv... Read more

External metal fire escape checksheet

External metal fire escape checksheetExternal metal fire escape stairways and gantries can deteriorate to a dangerous state if left unchecked.  Our checksheet covers the problems to look out for.Why do you need it?This type of structure is often out... Read more

Corrective action report

Corrective action reportWhen you've assessed the risk of fire on your premises, the next stage is to put together an improvement plan. Our corrective action report will help you to cover all that's required.Where does this form fit in?Our fire risk ass... Read more

Fire log book contents list

Fire log book contents listTraditionally, businesses have kept all of their fire records together in a fire log book. Our template fire log book contents list tells you what to include.Why keep one?A fire log book is a folder where you keep all of th... Read more
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