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Personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP)

Personal emergency evacuation planNot everyone may be able to follow your emergency evacuation procedures. In these instances, you need to create an individual plan.When is it needed?If you have staff, pupils or residents who are either disabled or h... Read more

Sprinkler checklist

Sprinkler checklistSprinklers can be a very effective means of reducing the damage caused by fire but keeping them maintained is essential and often a condition of your insurance policy.Why you need the checklistThe questions on our Sprinkler Checkli... Read more

Special evacuation procedure

Special evacuation procedureYour standard evacuation procedure should be adequate for the majority of occupants but does it cover disabled visitors and members of the public? If not, use our template procedure.Equal escapeIf you have staff who need a... Read more

Emergency lighting checklist and register

Emergency lighting checklist and registerA common misconception is that once an emergency lighting system is installed, it will always work. This isn't the case, and to make matters worse, many systems don't alert you to the fact that there might be a ... Read more

Monthly inspection record - fire fighting equipment

Monthly inspection record - fire fighting equipmentFire extinguishers should be ready to use in an emergency, so you must conduct regular checks on them to ensure that this is the case. Use our document to guide you through the process.InspectionIn t... Read more

Arson prevention checklist

Arson prevention checklistAround 40% of fires in commercial buildings are started deliberately. To reduce the risk to your business, review your arrangements using our checklist. Why use it?Although the majority of arson attacks are carried out by ju... Read more

Categories of fire alarm system

Categories of fire alarm systemIf you were told that you needed an L1, LD2 or a P2 fire alarm system, would you know what it meant? Our information sheet explains what you need to know. What's covered?Fire specialists, including the enforcing authori... Read more

Fire awareness training checksheet

Fire awareness training checksheetStaff need to be trained in basic fire safety awareness including any particular information and procedures relating to your premises. To be sure that you've covered everything, use our fire awareness training checksh... Read more

Fire marshal checklist

Fire marshal checklistTaking charge of an area in the event of a fire is something that should only be carried out by someone with the appropriate knowledge. Our fire marshal checklist shows you what level of instruction is required. How to use itFir... Read more

How to use a fire extinguisher

How to use a fire extinguisherOur information sheet on how to use a fire extinguisher serves as a useful reminder on how to operate an extinguisher in a safe manner. How to use our documentMost businesses will need to have a few members of staff trai... Read more
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