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Fire quiz two

Fire quiz twoAfter fire awareness training you should test employees to check they've absorbed what you told them. Vary your tests by switching between our fire quiz and fire quiz two.What's the idea?This Fire Quiz Two has been produced as an alternati... Read more

Fire management quiz

Fire management quizThis quiz checks the knowledge of staff with fire safety management responsibilities. Use it to back up your management training.Quiz timeWe have designed our Fire Management Quiz so that you can check key employees' knowledge stra... Read more

Fire extinguisher quiz

Fire extinguisher quizWhen formal training sessions are infrequent it can be helpful to refresh safety-critical information. Use our quiz to remind staff of key points when using fire extinguishers.In trained handsFire extinguishers help to stop smal... Read more

Fire quiz

Fire quizAfter fire awareness training, it's good practice to test employees' knowledge to check their understanding. Use our quiz to make sure they will take the right action.What's covered?The Fire Quiz is comprised of two parts. The first includes ge... Read more

Summary fire training guide

Summary fire training guideMost businesses provide basic fire instruction when an employee starts work, but this alone isn't sufficient. Our guide explains the different types of fire training, who should attend and more.What's covered?It's important th... Read more

Fire awareness training checksheet

Fire awareness training checksheetStaff need to be trained in basic fire safety awareness including any particular information and procedures relating to your premises. To be sure that you've covered everything, use our fire awareness training checksh... Read more

Fire marshal checklist

Fire marshal checklistTaking charge of an area in the event of a fire is something that should only be carried out by someone with the appropriate knowledge. Our fire marshal checklist shows you what level of instruction is required. How to use itFir... Read more

How to use a fire extinguisher

How to use a fire extinguisherOur information sheet on how to use a fire extinguisher serves as a useful reminder on how to operate an extinguisher in a safe manner. How to use our documentMost businesses will need to have a few members of staff trai... Read more

Person in charge checklist

Person in charge checklistTaking charge of a site in the event of a fire isn't something that should be carried out without the appropriate knowledge. To assist you, use our person in charge checklist. It provides details of what your training should ... Read more

Fire alarm testing instructions

Fire alarm testing instructionsIt's relatively easy for your own staff to carry out a weekly fire alarm test, but you need to make sure they've been instructed in the correct procedure. Use our fire alarm testing instructions to train them.Using the do... Read more
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