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Categories of fire alarm system

Categories of fire alarm systemIf you were told that you needed an L1, LD2 or a P2 fire alarm system, would you know what it meant? Our information sheet explains it all. What's covered?Fire specialists, including the enforcing authorities, use fire ... Read more

Fire risk assessment preparation questionnaire

Fire risk assessment preparation questionnaireWhen a fire risk assessment is carried out for your premises there are a number of records and documents which need to be checked. Use our questionnaire to save time on the day.Where to startWhen auditors... Read more

Guide to using our fire risk assessment system

Guide to using our fire risk assessment systemWe have developed two alternative systems for fire risk assessment (FRA), suited for both small and large premises. To explain how to use the various documents we've written a short guide.Why do you need a... Read more

Fire precautions - means of escape

Fire precautions - means of escapeEnsuring that your premises has adequate means of escape is about the most critical part of your fire risk assessment. Use our form to record what's in place and check that it's suitable.How to use the formMeans of esc... Read more

Fire risk assessment conclusion

Fire risk assessment conclusionWhen you undertake a fire risk assessment, part of the process involves risk rating. Why should you do this and how can you go about it? Our document will help.When to use this documentThe purpose of a fire risk assessm... Read more

Fire risk assessment review

Fire risk assessment reviewWhen your fire risk assessment is due for review, you must re-evaluate all the different elements such as the alarm system, fire extinguishers, staff training and record keeping. Use our form to simplify this task.Complianc... Read more

Arson prevention checklist

Arson prevention checklistAround 40% of fires in commercial buildings are started deliberately. To reduce the risk to your business, review your arrangements using our checklist. Why use it?Although the majority of arson attacks are carried out by ju... Read more

Corrective action report

Corrective action reportWhen you've assessed the risk of fire on your premises, the next stage is to put together an improvement plan. Our corrective action report will help you to cover all that's required.Where does this form fit in?Our fire risk ass... Read more

Fire risk assessment - scale drawing

Fire risk assessment - scale drawingUse our scale drawing document to create a plan of your building showing the location of fire hazards, fire fighting equipment, escape routes etc. why you need onePutting together a fire plan of your premises fulfi... Read more

Fire management - control measures

Fire management - control measuresAs you work through your fire risk assessment identifying fire hazards, you also need to decide what action to take to control them. Our control measures document will prompt you. Risk reduction In our fire risk asse... Read more
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