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Fire precautions - inspection, maintenance and testing

Fire precautions - inspection, maintenance and testingManaging fire safety isn't something that's completed once and then forgotten about. Doing it properly involves regular checks, inspections and maintenance.  Use our form to evaluate your current a... Read more

Fire precautions - procedures and training

Fire precautions - procedures and trainingA key stage of the fire risk assessment process is to identify what procedures and training are required. Use our fire precautions - procedures and training form to evaluate your current arrangements.What's co... Read more

Fire precautions - emergency lighting

Fire precautions - emergency lightingIf the lights went out in your building, would everyone be able to find their way to safety? Use our checklist to help you assess the need for emergency lighting and whether it's properly maintained.Impaired visibi... Read more

Fire precautions - fire fighting equipment

Fire precautions - fire fighting equipmentWhen undertaking a fire risk assessment one aspect you must consider is the provision of fire fighting equipment. Our risk assessment sheet will guide you through the process.what's included?On the first page ... Read more

Fire risk assessment - small premises

Fire risk assessment - small premisesIf you have a small and straightforward premises, it should be relatively easy to write your own fire risk assessment. Our fire risk assessment - small premises will help.DIY fire risk assessmentWriting a fire ris... Read more
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