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Introduction to this document

Monthly inspection record - fire fighting equipment

Fire extinguishers should be ready to use in an emergency, so you must conduct regular checks on them to ensure that this is the case. Use our document to guide you through the process.


In the event of a fire, no one wants to be faced with an empty space where an extinguisher should be. Nor do they want to try to use an extinguisher which is damaged or empty. So to prevent either of these scenarios from arising, you should carry out regular inspections of your fire fighting equipment. Use our Monthly Inspection Record - Fire Fighting Equipment to help you do this.


Two-part document

The document is broken up into two sections. The first part allows you to record detailed checks of the equipment by simply marking the questions with a tick, cross or “not applicable”. The questions cover fire extinguishers, hose reels, fire blankets and fire buckets. The second page is designed as an action table for you to record defects and the action taken to resolve them.