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Introduction to this document

Fire log book contents list

Traditionally, businesses have kept all of their fire records together in a fire log book. Our template fire log book contents list tells you what to include.

Why keep one?

A fire log book is a folder where you keep all of the evidence which relates to the management of fire safety in a building and which the fire and rescue service and insurance company auditors may ask to see. So by following this method of record keeping, you will be able to satisfy their questions swiftly. You can also take it with you in the event of a fire evacuation. This preserves important records in case of a real fire and means you have access to emergency information which you can locate at the front of the folder.

Note. In most cases there’s no specific legal requirement to keep the records listed. However, it’s difficult to prove that you satisfied the general legal duties for fire safety without the evidence which the records provide.

What’s covered?

Our Fire Log Book Contents List recommends that you include your fire policy and procedures, fire risk assessment and emergency information. It also suggests that you incorporate records of:

  • routine checks
  • maintenance
  • training
  • inspections
  • correspondence
  • permits to work
  • commissioning.

There are twelve sections in total and each one has suggestions for types of document to include within the section.