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Introduction to this document

Visitor identification card

If you have visitors on your site then you’ll need to ensure they’re accounted for and evacuated in the event of a fire. To do this you should have a formal system in place, which all of your staff are aware of and follow at all times. For it to be effective it should be as simple as possible for all parties.

Identification card

Identifying who is a visitor is often a major problem, especially if you have many staff. To manage this, use our Visitor Identification Card. This is a simple design which, when displayed, clearly shows that the individual wearing it is a visitor to your site and will need help in the event of an evacuation. At your reception area or wherever visitors are greeted they should be issued with a card and instructed to wear it at all times. They should also be instructed to sign your visitors book/register at the same time. The visitor should then be advised that the back of the card contains a brief summary of your emergency procedures, which include what their actions should be if the fire alarm sounds, or if a verbal evacuation command is given.

Tip. Don’t forget to explain to visitors exactly what your fire alarm evacuation signal sounds like and that they return the card and sign out at the end of their visit.