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Introduction to this document

Special evacuation procedure

Your standard evacuation procedure should be adequate for the majority of occupants but does it cover disabled visitors and members of the public? If not, use our template procedure.

Equal escape

If you have staff who need assistance during an emergency evacuation there’s plenty of opportunity to plan the best strategy. In those cases we advise that you produce a personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP) on an individual basis. You might also be able to do the same for regular visitors such as committee members who attend a monthly meeting or similar.

However, for many businesses there’s a need for a Special Evacuation Procedure to cover disabled visitors. Having one enables all staff, and especially fire marshals, to understand their role in order to control the risks to everyone involved.

Our document is divided into sections covering different types of disability including mobility impairment, hearing difficulties and visual impairment.

Note. This is a template document based on common scenarios and building facilities. You will almost certainly need to adapt it to take into account your own needs.