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Flow chart - does your building need an HMO licence (England)

Flow chart - Does your building need an HMO licence (England)A premises home to several unrelated occupants is known to be at increased risk of fire so local authorities impose strict safety requirements via a licensing regime. How do you know if thi... Read more

Fire safety policy and procedures - small hospitality business

Fire policy and procedures - small hospitality businessIf you operate a small hospitality business our brief policy document will help you to develop arrangements for managing fire safety. Short and to the pointThe Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Ord... Read more

Fire drill observation record

Fire drill observation recordWhen you bite the bullet and set the alarm bells ringing to test your evacuation arrangements, it's vital that you record as much information as possible on what happens. You can do this with our fire drill observation rec... Read more

Fire signs checklist

Fire signs checklistFire safety signs tend to be forgotten about once installed, but over time they may need to be updated or replaced. Our fire signs checklist will help. How to use the checklistUse our document to check that you have all you need, ... Read more

Construction/refurbishment fire safety checklist

Construction/refurbishment fire safety checklistHaving the builders in can lead to increased fire risks that adversely affect your fire safety provision. Why not counter this by using a construction/refurbishment fire safety checklist?Managing pre-cons... Read more

Fire safety management - routine tasks

Fire safety management - routine tasksWhen putting together a planned preventive maintenance schedule for a property you must include essential fire safety tasks. Our summary document will help with this. What's covered?Duty of careWhatever your premi... Read more

Out-of-hours fire alarm response

Out-of-hours fire alarm responseThere's never a good time for the fire alarm to go off, but if it sounds when the responsible staff member is absent, you'll need a plan which keeps everyone safe. Use our document to describe your arrangements.Risky bus... Read more

Special evacuation risk assessment

Special evacuation risk assessmentWhen a building is used by the public, customers or visitors, you need inclusive fire procedures which work for everyone. Use our template to ensure you're prepared.Who's it for?The purpose of our Special Evacuation Ri... Read more

Personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP)

Personal emergency evacuation planNot everyone may be able to follow your emergency evacuation procedures. In these instances, you need to create an individual plan.When is it needed?If you have staff, pupils or residents who are either disabled or h... Read more
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