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External metal fire escape checksheet

External metal fire escape checksheetExternal metal fire escape stairways and gantries can deteriorate to a dangerous state if left unchecked.  Our checksheet covers the problems to look out for.Why do you need it?This type of structure is often out... Read more

Visitor record book

Visitor record bookKeeping track of visitors and making them aware of your fire procedures is a must. You can achieve both using a visitor record book.Sign in here pleaseWe appreciate that asking visitors to sign in when they arrive at your premises ... Read more

False alarm record

False alarm recordIt's good practice to keep a record of false alarms as part of your fire log book. Use our record form to do this.Why record these events?Whilst there isn't a legal requirement to keep a record of false alarms, there are several advan... Read more

Fire extinguisher selection guide

Fire extinguisher selection guideHow many extinguishers do you require? Our guide will help you ascertain the correct figure.Why use it?Although you can ask the advice of a fire extinguisher supplier they aren't exactly unbiased and you may find that ... Read more

Fire action notice - reception

Fire action notice - receptionOur notice will help prompt reception staff about how to call the Fire & Rescue Service in an emergency.Why do you need it?When a fire alarm goes off or smoke drifts through the building, even the most level headed membe... Read more

Hazardous materials register

Hazardous materials registerUse our register to keep a list of any substances on site which could be hazardous in the event of a fire.Why do you need it?Legislation requires businesses to provide information about hazardous materials (unless there's o... Read more

Fire service strike checklist

Fire service strike checklistWe probably take it for granted that if all else fails, the Fire & Rescue Service will be there, whether it's responding to a fire or some other emergency. So if there's a fire service strike, you'll need to be prepared. Tha... Read more

Fire marshal role and acceptance

Fire marshal role and acceptanceA fire marshal is someone who takes responsibility for fire issues in the area in which they work, and ensures that staff are evacuated in a safe and timely manner. Our fire marshal role and acceptance document makes c... Read more

Visitor identification card

Visitor identification cardIf you have visitors on your site then you'll need to ensure they're accounted for and evacuated in the event of a fire. To do this you should have a formal system in place, which all of your staff are aware of and follow at ... Read more
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