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Introduction to this document

Fire drill observation record

When you bite the bullet and set the alarm bells ringing to test your evacuation arrangements, it’s vital that you record as much information as possible on what happens. You can do this with our fire drill observation record.

Fire drill

The first part of our Fire Drill Observation Record asks for details about the fire drill itself. Here you can record the date of the drill, the time the fire alarm system was activated, as well as the time the building was re-occupied. This section also asks for the name of the observer. The next section of our document is in seven parts. Each one refers to a different observation point and you should complete these to give you an overall picture as to how successful the fire drill was. The third section provides space to record where improvements need to be made. The final part of our document asks you to record the actions that are required as a result of the areas highlighted for improvement.


You should keep a copy of all completed forms in your fire safety logbook. You can use these to prove to the Fire and Rescue Service and your insurers that you have carried out regular fire drills.