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Guidance note - grey water recycling and rainwater harvesting

Guidance note - grey water recycling and rainwater harvestingTechniques such as rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling can provide financially viable methods to significantly reduce the amount of water used within the workplace. Reduction of w... Read more

Register of environmental legislation - water

Register of environmental legislation - waterOur register of environmental legislation - water helps to identify the law relating to water which applies to your business and what you're doing about it.Why you need our registerOur Register of Environme... Read more

Water pollution risks checklist

Water pollution risks checklistWater pollution can occur by accidental run-off, process failures which exceed permitted discharge levels, and incorrect management of plant or storage areas etc. To help you assess and manage the risks we've produced a ... Read more

Water wastage survey

Water wastage surveyWasting water not only costs you money, but energy is needlessly expended in bringing it to your door. Use our form to check out your arrangements and pinpoint problems.Time for a review?When managing premises it's easy to get bogg... Read more

Guidance note - discharge of waste water

Guidance note - discharge of waste waterIf you want to allow waste water to leave your land and pass into the ground or nearby waters, there are certain legal loopholes to jump through. Our guidance note explains more.Protecting the environmentIf bus... Read more

Waste water management policy and procedure

Waste water management policy and procedureThe increasing use of chemicals and pollutants, coupled with the rapid urbanisation of large parts of the country, means that the pollution and contamination of our natural water resources is occurring on a ... Read more

Water efficiency policy and procedure

Water efficiency policy and procedureMany people seem to believe there is an endless supply of fresh clean water. However, a growing population and increasing levels of pollution are threatening the availability of water. Water restrictions are likel... Read more
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