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Introduction to this document

Waste transfer note

When waste is taken from your site, a waste transfer note must be completed. It should identify the nature and quantity of the waste, and the location of the site it’s being taken to. Never allow waste to be taken away without one.

Record of collection

Our example Waste Transfer Note will help you see what information your business and the waste contractor must complete. All reputable waste contractors will assist in the completion of the transfer notes so that they also comply with the duty of care imposed on them as the registered waste contractor.

Tip. If a waste carrier doesn’t want to use transfer notes, this is likely to indicate that the waste will be dumped illegally. 

Tip. Always keep a copy of the document because if the waste is dumped illegally, it will be the only evidence you’ll have to prove that you had complied with your duty of care to ensure that your waste is disposed of properly.