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Introduction to this document

Waste reduction checklist

Although the benefits associated with reducing waste are obvious, many businesses are still failing to take steps to control it. Use our checklist to help you to make savings across the board.

Missing out

Recent research has indicated that many businesses are failing to reduce the amount of waste they produce and aren’t recycling materials such as glass and metals. Some of the worst culprits are bars and restaurants. has identified that 30% of the waste that they produce isn’t sorted properly. So how can you avoid following suit?

What to do

To cut the amount of waste that you produce, the best option is to take a structured and managed approach. This is where our Waste Reduction Checklist will come in very handy. By working through the questions in each section, you’ll identify what steps need to be taken and when.

Note. To achieve significant savings, your efforts will need to be supported by senior staff within your business.


Our checklist identifies that there are many ways of reducing waste. These include buying materials with less packaging, not over-ordering supplies and separating valuable recyclable materials.