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Introduction to this document

Waste management checklist

The efficient management of waste has many benefits, including compliance with legislation, helping to control vermin and reducing the costs of disposal. Use our checklist to identify potential areas of improvement.

Why use it?

Having poor control over the waste generated on site and the way it’s disposed of can directly affect your bottom line. There are savings to be made if you can reduce the quantity of waste, or at least cut the proportion of mixed general waste in favour of recycling. Bringing your waste under tighter control should also make your premises tidier, reduce odours and control the risk of infestation, e.g. of flies or rats.

Our Waste Management Checklist helps you to carry out a review of your current circumstances and identify any additional control measures needed.

Carrying out a regular review with our document will help take advantage of new opportunities to reduce, reuse or recycle your waste or find better ways to store or dispose of it. Use it to review what waste you’re generating, from which sources, any nuisance being caused and the suitability of your current arrangements.