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Oil storage checklist

Oil storage checklistYou need to keep a close eye on your oil storage. This means that you should carry out regular checks on your storage systems and any areas in which oil is being used or decanted. Checking standards are being maintainedTo help yo... Read more

Guidance note - oil storage

Guidance note - oil storageYou can't store oil in any old container. It must be specifically designed for the purpose and capable of preventing the contents from getting into the ground surface. Oil storage guidance noteThe exact content and requireme... Read more

Guidance note - pollution respnse plan

Guidance note - pollution response planAlthough you should have done your best to prevent a spill, one may still occur. However, quick and efficient action can minimise the impact and save you the cost of a clean up operation or even prosecution.Poll... Read more

Best practice techniques for preventing oil pollution

Best practice techniques for preventing oil pollutionWhen it comes to oil storage, things should never be left to chance; it's certainly the time to follow best practice techniques. This will minimise the likelihood of a spill in the first place, and ... Read more

Guidance note - oil separators

Guidance note - oil separatorsIn accordance with Environment Agency guidance, oil separators (or interceptors) should be installed on surface water drainage systems where the potential exists for pollution such as oil, diesel and petrol to enter your... Read more

Oil storage policy and procedure

Oil storage policy and procedureOil spills are extremely harmful to the environment, very expensive to clear up and often result in prosecutions. So storage, delivery and usage of oil needs to be managed very carefully. Legal positionThe Control of P... Read more
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