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Introduction to this document

Environmental noise monitoring record

The only way of identifying whether your site is creating excessive noise is to complete a full survey, carry out monitoring and record your results. As this will involve the use of specialist noise equipment, it will usually need to be completed by a competent consultant.

The evidence

You might need our form because your business neighbours seem to be excessively noisy and you wish to record your survey. Or maybe you’ve been accused of being noisy and wish to prove, through monitoring, that you’re not.

Being able to do this is especially important if the local authority gets involved and threatens to issue a notice, which would mean work having to stop.

Using the form

You’ll need some technical understanding of noise assessment to complete a survey. The level of competence you’ll require will depend on whether you wish to be able to rely on the results in court. You might feel that you have a sufficient understanding if it’s just for in-house use, but make sure you have access to good instructions such as BS7445 Parts 1 and 2. If in doubt, engage a specialist noise surveyor.

Our Environmental Noise Monitoring Record guides the surveyor through the data which should be recorded in accordance with the British Standard.