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Environmental policy audit

Use our document to complete an audit of your environmental policy. This will ensure that it conforms to ISO 14001:2015. Stating your commitment Although there is no legal requirement to have an environmental policy, nor any legally rooted guidance t... Read more

Flood plan

Having a plan in place which details how you will respond in the event of a flood could save your business. Use our document to establish an effective response to forecast flooding. Keeping your head above water Our Flood Plan has been designed to h... Read more

Pollution incident response plan

If a pollution incident occurs, you need to have sufficient plans in place to deal with it. Use our document to ensure a prompt and effective response. How does it work? Our Pollution Incident Response Plan has been designed as a way of collating imp... Read more

Noise log - to be completed by complainant

If you have a neighbour whose noisy activities are really disrupting your business, what type of information should you gather in order to raise a formal complaint? Our record form will help. Getting the ball rolling Nuisance noise is not only distur... Read more

Guidance note - contaminated land and tax relief

Guidance note - contaminated land and tax relief To help organisations meet the clean-up costs associated with the development of brown field sites, the government has introduced a system of tax relief which enables companies to offset the remediati... Read more

Guidance note - alternative fuels

Guidance note - alternative fuels How much? A question we all ask ourselves each time we fill a vehicle with fuel. But are there any alternatives that will save both money and cut the amount of carbon the vehicle creates? There are, but you should ma... Read more

Office - energy saving checklist

Office - energy saving checklist As the costs of energy continue to rise it's important for businesses to reduce consumption by as much as possible. Our checklist provides some suggestions on how to achieve this in an office environment. Using our che... Read more

Environmental risk assessment

Our environmental risk assessment is in line with the latest guidance from the Environment Agency. It can be used to identify potential hazards and how they should be managed. New approach The Environment Agency (EA) has produced explicit guidance th... Read more

Flow chart - non conformances

To improve your environmental performance you need to recognise when things haven't gone well and do something about it. Use our flow chart to show staff what's expected. Non-conforming Within environmental management systems, especially those intended... Read more

Permit compliance checklist

Self-auditing is an important part of environmental compliance. Use our checklist to identify any shortcomings in arrangements. Complete an action plan that details how you will address any issues. Watchful eye When the Environment Agency (EA) issue... Read more
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