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Environmental management responsibilities

Environmental management responsibilitiesMaking roles and responsibilities crystal clear to directors, managers and staff will help to minimise the risks of an environmental incident taking place. It will also help to ensure the success of any "green" ... Read more

Guidance note - types of environmental management system

Guidance note - types of environmental management systemIf you're considering formalising the way you manage environmental issues by implementing one of the many formal management systems, which one should you go for? It's a choice that should not be m... Read more

Guidance note - selection and management of waste contractors

Guidance note - selection and management of waste contractorsAlthough the Environment Agency, Defra and the local authorities are doing their best to remove the cowboys from the waste business, unfortunately, many still exist. To help you to avoid th... Read more

Environmental incident investigation policy and procedure

Environmental incident investigation policy and procedureAlthough no business sets out to cause accidental pollution, unfortunately, it happens all too often. So if you suspect that you've allowed a substance to pollute, you need to find the source, i... Read more

Waste minimisation and recycling policy

Waste minimisation and recycling policyThe only way of minimising waste effectively is if all your employees follow a formal waste minimisation and recycling policy. Adapt our document to suit your business and add it to your existing policies and pr... Read more

Oil storage policy and procedure

Oil storage policy and procedureOil spills are extremely harmful to the environment, very expensive to clear up and often result in prosecutions. So storage, delivery and usage of oil needs to be managed very carefully. Legal positionThe Control of P... Read more

Procedures for reducing unnecessary journeys

Procedures for reducing unnecessary journeysDo you really need to make that journey? Often the answer is "no", but we don't think about it until it's too late. To help avoid time wasting and potentially expensive and environmentally damaging journeys, yo... Read more

Guidance note - contaminated land emergency control procedure

Guidance note - contaminated land emergency control procedureIf you identify, or even suspect, that land may be contaminated, both you and your staff need to know what actions to take. The best way of achieving this is to have a formal policy in plac... Read more
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