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Waste water management policy and procedure

Waste water management policy and procedureThe increasing use of chemicals and pollutants, coupled with the rapid urbanisation of large parts of the country, means that the pollution and contamination of our natural water resources is occurring on a ... Read more

Fume and odour management checklist

Fume and odour management checklistNasty niffs, whether on a small or industrial scale, can impact on quality of life. As such, you need to ensure that your business isn't having a negative effect on your neighbours. Fume and odour management Do your ... Read more

Environmental incident reporting policy and procedure

Environmental incident reporting policy and procedureIf an environmental incident does occur, it needs to be reported to you immediately. And, in certain circumstances, you will need to report the incident to the relevant enforcement agency. Reportin... Read more

Guidance note - environmental impact - risk assessment

Guidance note - environmental impact/risk assessmentsAn environmental impact assessment is a way of considering the potential environmental effects of a proposed activity or development. It's a very complicated process and is one that's usually complete... Read more

Water efficiency policy and procedure

Water efficiency policy and procedureMany people seem to believe there is an endless supply of fresh clean water. However, a growing population and increasing levels of pollution are threatening the availability of water. Water restrictions are likel... Read more

Guidance note - grey water recycling and rainwater harvesting

Guidance note - grey water recycling and rainwater harvestingTechniques such as rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling can provide financially viable methods to significantly reduce the amount of water used within the workplace. Reduction of w... Read more

Initial nuisance noise assessment

Initial nuisance noise assessmentIf you have a noise problem, a full-blown noise assessment carried out by experts needn't be your first step. Before you do this, you should complete a basic assessment.Making an assessmentIf you've had a complaint abou... Read more

Nuisance noise reduction and control policy and procedure

Nuisance noise reduction and control policy and procedureIf you can foresee that noise may create a nuisance, it's worth having a formal policy in place, which sets out what you will do to manage it. This will be a clear indicator that you've recognise... Read more

Environmental audit checklist

Environmental audit checklistCompleting a formal audit of how your business might have an environmental impact - either positive or negative - is a good starting point for prioritising actions and developing plans. Environmental audit checklist and g... Read more

Best practice techniques for preventing oil pollution

Best practice techniques for preventing oil pollutionWhen it comes to oil storage, things should never be left to chance; it's certainly the time to follow best practice techniques. This will minimise the likelihood of a spill in the first place, and ... Read more
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