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Register of environmental legislation - noise and nuisance

Register of environmental legislation - noise and nuisanceThis part of our Register of Environmental Legislation covers noise and nuisance issues. Nuisance covers a wide range of problems including fly tipping and grafitti.Why you need our registerIt... Read more

Guidance note - hazardous waste minimisation

Guidance note - hazardous waste minimisationGetting rid of waste is an expensive business; some estimates put the cost at approximately 4.5% of annual turnover, so cutting the amount of hazardous waste being sent to landfill etc. will help the enviro... Read more

Guidance note - statutory nuisance - enforcement

Guidance note - statutory nuisance - enforcementIf you're responsible for causing a statutory nuisance, you're likely to receive much interest from your local authority environmental health department. Our guidance document identifies how you should de... Read more

Waste data summary

Waste data summaryIf you're serious about reducing waste and improving recycling rates, one of the first steps is to record how much waste is currently being disposed of. Use our waste data summary to note your findings.Less wasteWhen implementing a w... Read more

Water wastage survey

Water wastage surveyWasting water not only costs you money, but energy is needlessly expended in bringing it to your door. Use our form to check out your arrangements and pinpoint problems.Time for a review?When managing premises it's easy to get bogg... Read more

Consignment note

Consignment noteIf you send hazardous waste from your premises, you must complete a consignment note. Use our form to stay on the right side of the law.Legal requirementThe Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2005 introduced the duty to r... Read more

Guidance note - oil storage

Guidance note - oil storageYou can't store oil in any old container. It must be specifically designed for the purpose and capable of preventing the contents from getting into the ground surface. Oil storage guidance noteThe exact content and requireme... Read more

Guidance note - managing hazardous waste

Guidance note - managing hazardous wasteIf you need to dispose of batteries, chemicals, oils, etc. you must comply with the hazardous waste legislation. Our guidance note explains how this applies to your business as a waste producer.What is hazardou... Read more

Waste transfer note

Waste transfer noteWhen waste is taken from your site, a waste transfer note must be completed. It should identify the nature and quantity of the waste, and the location of the site it's being taken to. Never allow waste to be taken away without one. ... Read more

Guidance note - duty of care

Guidance note - duty of careWaste is a dirty business at the best of times, but not complying with one of the many laws that control waste disposal in the UK can cost you dearly. To help you decipher these laws, why not use our guidance note?What is ... Read more
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