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Introduction to this document

Environmental policy statement

Making a public statement on your commitment to the environment is becoming increasingly popular. Although it’s not a legal requirement, many businesses will ask to see your policy regarding how you deal with environmental issues. And indicators suggest that these requests will increase.

Environmental commitment

How are you going to manage your environmental issues? Are they going to be formally addressed? This is the type of question our Environmental Policy Statement raises. Unlike a health and safety policy statement, there isn’t a legal requirement to complete one, and there’s no restriction on what you say in it. Our sample policy can be taken as it is or modified to suit your business, or you can just use it as guidance to create your own. The policy is simply a way for you to show your intentions and provide a base from which you can develop whatever management controls are necessary to stay on the right side of the law and reduce your potential impacts, wherever practicable. Once completed, we’d advise you publicise the fact to your staff in a prominent place, such as a notice board, so that they’re fully aware of the commitment you’ve made.