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Introduction to this document

Environmental arrangements

If you already have an environmental policy statement, organisation and various other associated documents, you may find it helpful to summarise how it all fits together in a single place.

Why do you need it?

Use our Environmental Arrangements document to summarise your specific policies and procedures. It will make it much easier to explain to managers, staff, external assessors, enforcing authorities etc. exactly how you operate. Plus, once in place it’s easy to add in new procedures to show how they fit within the overall framework.

What’s covered?

The document is split into seven sections:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Policies - where you can list all your other policies including those on specific topics such as energy management, waste etc.
  3. Competence, training and information.
  4. Management and measurement of environmental performance.
  5. Environmental impact/risk assessments.
  6. Identifying relevant environmental legislation.
  7. Environmental incident management.

Note. You should tailor the document to suit your organisation and we have indicated the obvious places you might do this.