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Guidance note - contaminated soil

Guidance note - contaminated soilIf your site has contaminated soil, you must ensure it's carefully managed in order to protect the health of those working there and in the wider environment. Our guidance note will keep you on firm ground.What's covere... Read more

Environment aspects and impacts register

Environment aspects and impacts registerA key component of a formal environmental management system is an aspect and impact register. This should set out what you're doing to reduce your impact on the environment and how you'll prevent damage.Do you ne... Read more

Guidance note - contaminated land and tax relief

Guidance note - contaminated land and tax reliefTo help organisations meet the clean-up costs associated with the development of brown field sites, the government has introduced a system of tax relief which enables companies to offset the remediation... Read more

Environmental risk assessment

Environmental risk assessmentOur environmental risk assessment is in line with the latest guidance from the Environment Agency. It can be used to identify potential hazards and how they should be managed.New approachThe Environment Agency (EA) has pr... Read more

Guidance note - identifying contaminated land

Guidance note - identifying contaminated landWouldn't it be good if contaminated land had a big sign on it to identify what the contamination is and what needs to be done to remove it? However, this is never the case, often detailed sampling and testi... Read more

Guidance note - environmental impact - risk assessment

Guidance note - environmental impact/risk assessmentsAn environmental impact assessment is a way of considering the potential environmental effects of a proposed activity or development. It's a very complicated process and is one that's usually complete... Read more

Guidance note - contaminated land remediation techniques

Guidance note - contaminated land remediation techniquesIf you have, or are intending to purchase, land that you know to be contaminated, then you'll need to remediate the land. This can be achieved in a number of ways - all of which are detailed in o... Read more

Guidance note - dealing with protected species, heritage and cultural aspects

Guidance note - dealing with protected species, heritage and cultural aspectsIf you have uninvited guests on your premises, such as certain birds, bats, lizards etc., simply evicting them is illegal. To help you to deal with these creatures in a lega... Read more

Guidance note - contaminated land emergency control procedure

Guidance note - contaminated land emergency control procedureIf you identify, or even suspect, that land may be contaminated, both you and your staff need to know what actions to take. The best way of achieving this is to have a formal policy in plac... Read more
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