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Introduction to this document

Carbon emissions reduction plan

If you’ve been asked to demonstrate how you’re improving your environmental performance, e.g. by a client or an accreditation scheme, the best approach is to produce a carbon emissions reduction plan.

What’s covered?

The document covers the basic contents you’ll need to create your plan. There are spaces for you to complete specific details of your company, managers who are responsible for implementing the plan and your targets for carbon reduction. There are also suggestions of the actions which you might include in your plan in order to meet your goals. The sections are headed:

  • aims
  • reducing energy use in the operation of buildings
  • reducing energy used for travel
  • reducing the energy impact of our products, services and business activities
  • funding
  • implementation
  • measurement, reporting and monitoring;, and
  • summary of current projects.

This final summary is set out as a table in which you can describe the specific environmental improvements which are in hand and set out the costs, carbon reduction expected, completion date, years to pay back etc.