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Early release from notice letter

Early release from notice letterUse our letter when an employee has resigned and you agree to release them from the requirement to serve out their full contractual notice period. Make sure it's made clear that they will not be paid for any part of the... Read more

Dismissal on notice due to unsatisfactory performance/conduct letter

Dismissal on notice due to unsatisfactory performance/conduct letterYou should only use this letter where the employee has short service. This is because longer-serving employees have unfair dismissal rights so they need to be treated entirely differe... Read more

Notice of potential dismissal (FTC expiry)

Notice of potential dismissal (FTC expiry)The expiry of a fixed-term contract without it being renewed is still a dismissal in law and therefore can still be an unfair dismissal if you fail to deal with the situation properly, notwithstanding the fac... Read more

Dismissal without notice letter (absent employee)

Dismissal without notice letter (absent employee)If, after a disciplinary hearing which is held in the employee's absence, you take the decision to dismiss them because they've committed an act of gross misconduct, you will need our dismissal without n... Read more

Response to resignation

Response to resignationWhere an employee resigns in amicable circumstances, you should write to them confirming receipt of their resignation and setting out the arrangements for termination of their employment. Strictly speaking, there is no obligati... Read more

Confirmation of outcome of appeal meeting

Confirmation of outcome of appeal meetingAfter any appeal meeting that you've granted relating to the dismissal of a short-serving employee, you need to formally notify them in writing of the outcome. The decision on an appeal is final.Uphold or rejec... Read more

Letter to competitor about employee on garden leave

Letter to competitor about employee on garden leaveIf you think an employee on garden leave is working elsewhere during their notice period, as well as pulling them up on this, also consider writing to the third party employer, particularly if it's a ... Read more

Exit questionnaire

Exit questionnaireAsking employees who have resigned to complete an exit questionnaire and attend an exit interview will enable you to gather useful information about their reasons for leaving. It will also enable you to identify problems and to take... Read more

Fixed-term contract expiry dismissal letter

Fixed-term contract expiry dismissal letterAfter you've had a meeting with an employee to discuss the proposal to dismiss them on the expiry of their fixed-term contract, if you go ahead you can use our letter to effect it. It's also suitable for use i... Read more

Statement of reasons for dismissal

Statement of reasons for dismissalA dismissed employee who has sufficient continuity of service can request a written statement of the reason for their dismissal. Where the employee is dismissed while pregnant or on a period of maternity or adoption ... Read more
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