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Retirement form

Retirement formOur retirement form gives employees an easy way to notify you of their forthcoming retirement and intended retirement date. We've drafted the form in such a way that completion of it will amount to their formal resignation.A written res... Read more

Frustration of contract letter

Frustration of contract letterOur frustration of contract letter is only for use in limited circumstances usually related to the long-term imprisonment of an employee. Be aware that the courts don't generally like the concept of frustration being appl... Read more

Letter advising employee has left

Letter advising employee has leftUse our letter to notify external third parties, such as clients and customers, of an employee's departure. Make sure you take prompt steps to arrange a handover of their work to another employee or new recruit as you ... Read more

Letter retracting heat of the moment dismissal

Letter retracting heat of the moment dismissalUse our letter retracting heat of the moment dismissal to clarify the position with an employee who has been unintentionally dismissed in anger in the heat of the moment. You do need to act quickly though... Read more

Notification of potential dismissal meeting

Notification of potential dismissal meetingThe law on termination of employment can differ according to how long the employee has worked for you. For employees with short service, termination can be relatively straightforward. Short-serving employees... Read more

Letter to ex-employee enforcing restrictive covenants

Letter to ex-employee enforcing restrictive covenantsWhere you believe a former employee is in breach of enforceable restrictive covenants, you may wish to consider taking legal action against them in the civil courts. The starting point is normally ... Read more

Response to "heat of the moment" resignation

Response to "heat of the moment" resignationResignations given in anger by employees "in the heat of the moment" are not usually binding because of the pre-existing circumstances in which they were given, so it's not safe to treat them as valid. Likewise,... Read more

Ex gratia termination payment receipt

Ex gratia termination payment receiptOur ex gratia termination payment receipt not only asks the employee to confirm receipt of an ex gratia payment but it also enables you to reach a full and final settlement on their contractual claims related to t... Read more

Notification of appeal meeting

Notification of appeal meetingYou're under no legal obligation to give a short-serving employee an opportunity to appeal against their dismissal, unless you've promised this as part of a relevant contractual procedure. If you do decide to allow the emp... Read more

Confirmation of dismissal due to statutory bar

Confirmation of dismissal due to statutory barThe dismissal of an employee is potentially fair if they couldn't continue to work without contravention of a statutory duty or restriction. Assuming you have followed a fair dismissal procedure, use our l... Read more
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