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First redundancy consultation letter

First redundancy consultation letterRedundancy law is much more complex than paying an employee off. There must be a genuine redundancy situation and you must treat the employee fairly in the procedure you use prior to the dismissal decision being ta... Read more

Second redundancy consultation letter

Second redundancy consultation letterWhen contemplating making an employee redundant, you will first need to enter into a period of individual consultation, which will involve arranging a series of meetings with the employee to discuss your proposal ... Read more

Redundancy payments ready reckoner

Redundancy payments ready reckonerStatutory redundancy pay is the minimum payment that must be made to an employee who is to be made redundant. It is calculated according to age, length of service and their gross weekly pay.Redundancy paymentsIf the ... Read more

Offer of alternative work

Offer of alternative workUse our form to offer alternative employment to an employee whose job has been identified as redundant. This is an essential part of a fair consultation procedure, assuming, of course, that there is alternative work available... Read more

Offer of re-employment to redundant ex-employee

Offer of re-employment to redundant ex-employeeIf you were forced to make redundancies during an economic downturn, but now business has improved and you need to re-hire, use our letter to offer a redundant employee either their job back or a similar... Read more

Information and consultation flow chart

Information and consultation flow chartThis flow chart highlights the various situations where you may be legally obliged to inform and consult with a variety of employee representatives.   Overview of main obligationsHealth and safety: You must co... Read more

Redundancy policy

Redundancy policyWhilst redundancy is a potentially fair reason for dismissal, you are still obliged to follow a fair procedure when implementing a redundancy programme. Our policy statement helps get you started with this.A fair redundancyRedundancy... Read more

Collective redundancy information and consultation checklist

Collective redundancy information and consultation checklistRedundancy is a potentially fair reason for dismissal but you must still act reasonably. This means that you must properly explore other options to redundancy, fully consult with the affecte... Read more

Letter to wider workforce about redundancy situation

Letter to wider workforce about redundancy situationIt's good practice to inform the wider workforce about a redundancy situation as it can stop rumours and ease unrest. They don't need to know all the details about your redundancy programme but do let... Read more

Selection criteria

Selection criteriaIn deciding whom to select for redundancy, you need to consider your pool for selection, the objective criteria that you are going to apply and the adoption of a fair marking system. An unfair selection for redundancy can result in ... Read more
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