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Letter to new employer enforcing restrictive covenants

Letter to new employer enforcing restrictive covenantsWhere you believe an ex-employee is in breach of restrictive covenants, you might consider taking legal action. You may also have a claim against their new employer. Our letter informs an ex-emplo... Read more

Internal statement announcing new employee

Internal statement announcing new employeeBefore a new employee's agreed start date, it's worth announcing to your other staff that they've been appointed, and you can use our internal statement to do this.A positive impressionWhilst you don't have to fo... Read more

Offer of appointment letter

Offer of appointment letterOnce you have taken the decision on the successful candidate, a job offer can be made, either in writing or over the telephone. If you make an offer verbally, always confirm it in writing using our offer of appointment lett... Read more

Offer of paid internship letter

Offer of paid internship letterOur offer of paid internship letter is for use where you're offering paid work experience when the intern is a worker but isn't an employee. It's not suitable where the intern is, in reality, an employee. At the other end ... Read more

Making a job offer checklist

Making a job offer checklist  Use this checklist to help you make a job offer to your chosen candidate.Making an offerYou should consider whether to make your chosen candidate a conditional or unconditional offer.  Job offers are often conditional ... Read more

Induction checklist

Induction checklistWhen a new employee starts work, it's important to have some form of induction with them. Use our induction checklist to remind you of the key matters to cover and to enable you to keep a formal record of what's been covered, by whom... Read more

Renewal of fixed-term employment letter

Renewal of fixed-term employment letterOur renewal of fixed-term employment letter is for use when what you're offering an employee on the expiry of their current fixed-term contract is a further fixed term but in a different job role - so it's a new f... Read more

Key information document for agency workers

Key information document for agency workersIf you're an employment business, you must supply a key information document to each of your agency workers before you reach an agreement on terms with them.LegislationFrom 6 April 2020, regulation 13A Conduc... Read more

Election for quarantine period for agency worker

Election for quarantine period for agency workerInstead of paying a transfer fee or opting for an extended hire period where you want to directly employ a temporary agency worker, you could stop using the worker and wait for the quarantine period to ... Read more

Right to work checklist

Right to work checklistDon't risk a £20,000 civil penalty for employing an illegal worker. Check all new employees' right to work in the UK before they start work for you using our checklist, record the date of your check and take copies of the releva... Read more
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