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References policy

References policyEvery employer is asked for a reference at some stage. But how should you respond - if indeed you choose to respond at all? How should you give the reference? What sort of detail should it contain? Our policy provides the answers.Re... Read more

Rejection of candidate after interview letter

Rejection of candidate after interview letterAfter the recruitment process has concluded, reject the unsuccessful interviewees and then destroy their personal information after a reasonable period of time, e.g. six months, and in accordance with the ... Read more

Letter of consent to medical examination pre-appointment

Letter of consent to medical examination pre-appointmentUse this letter when you need to obtain the consent of a successful job applicant to a medical examination.  Note that the wording set out after the letter should be printed on the reverse of t... Read more

Equal opportunities monitoring form

Equal opportunities monitoring formOur equal opportunities monitoring form enables you to gather personal information about job applicants in order to ensure that your recruitment process is being carried out fairly and in a non-discriminatory way.Ke... Read more

Character reference questionnaire

Character reference questionnaireIt's advisable to take up at least two written references in relation to a prospective employee and three is even better.  Use our character reference request to seek a non-work-related personal reference.Of previous ... Read more

Recruitment checklist

Recruitment checklist This checklist covers matters to be considered when considering recruiting new staff and during the recruitment process.  Getting the right candidatesYou may need to balance the most effective means of seeking good candidates ... Read more

Letter confirming membership of professional body

Letter confirming membership of professional bodyYou probably take up references on a prospective employee but do you check the other information they've provided on their CV or in an application form, such as their membership of professional bodies a... Read more

Offer of appointment letter

Offer of appointment letterOnce you have taken the decision on the successful candidate, a job offer can be made, either in writing or over the telephone. If you make an offer verbally, always confirm it in writing using our offer of appointment lett... Read more

Previous employment confirmation request

Previous employment confirmation requestIn an ideal world a previous employer would happily provide you with a reference in respect of a candidate that you've offered a job to. But what if they don't? Use our previous employment confirmation request f... Read more

Recruitment policy

Recruitment policyIt's important that managers have guidelines when it comes to recruitment, so that they know the relevant procedure to be followed. Our recruitment policy also serves as a useful reminder to managers of their equal opportunities obli... Read more
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