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Preventing illegal working letter

Preventing illegal working letterIt's important to check all new recruits are eligible to work in the UK, or you could find yourself committing an offence. Use our preventing illegal working letter to enable you to carry out the necessary checks on pr... Read more

Offer of appointment letter

Offer of appointment letterOnce you have taken the decision on the successful candidate, a job offer can be made, either in writing or over the telephone. If you make an offer verbally, always confirm it in writing using our offer of appointment lett... Read more

Job trial offer letter

Job trial offer letterIf you're not sure whether to offer a job applicant the role they applied for, one option would be to run a short job trial to see how they perform before you make your decision. You can offer a trial, but you will probably need ... Read more

Job description and person specification

Job description and person specificationA job description sets out the main details of the job, including job title, job duties and responsibilities. A person specification describes the level of qualification, knowledge, skills and competencies requ... Read more

Recruitment checklist

Recruitment checklist This checklist covers matters to be considered when considering recruiting new staff and during the recruitment process.  Getting the right candidatesYou may need to balance the most effective means of seeking good candidates ... Read more

Letter enquiring about reasonable adjustments

Letter enquiring about reasonable adjustmentsWhere a disabled employee has accepted a job offer, it's worth making enquiries with them at an early stage about any reasonable adjustments they might need or that would help them to perform their job ... Read more

Invitation to attend interview letter

Invitation to attend interview letterWhen you have decided which candidates you will be inviting to attend an interview, use our invitation to attend interview letter to contact them to arrange it. Interview invitationIt's advisable for at least two m... Read more

Medical questionnaire

Medical questionnaireA problem for many employers is the risk of hiring a new employee only to find they have long-term health problems that could lead to periods of sickness absence. Use our questionnaire to find out if there's a problem but only use... Read more

Making a job offer checklist

Making a job offer checklist  Use this checklist to help you make a job offer to your chosen candidate.Making an offerYou should consider whether to make your chosen candidate a conditional or unconditional offer.  Job offers are often conditional ... Read more

Letter withdrawing conditional offer of appointment

Letter withdrawing conditional offer of appointmentIf you make a conditional job offer and the conditions are not satisfactorily fulfilled within a reasonable period of time, you should be safe in withdrawing the job offer on that basis and you can u... Read more
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