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Introduction to this document

Making a job offer checklist


Use this checklist to help you make a job offer to your chosen candidate.

Making an offer

You should consider whether to make your chosen candidate a conditional or unconditional offer.  Job offers are often conditional on the receipt of satisfactory references, documentary evidence of a right to work and other information/documentation depending on the type of job offered.  Where the offer is to be conditional, ensure that any condition is justified by the requirements of the job offered, to minimise the risk of discrimination claims.

Once you have taken the decision on the successful candidate, a job offer can be made, either in writing or over the telephone. If you make an offer verbally, always confirm it in writing using our Offer of Appointment Letter.  When sending the contract with the appointment letter, it may be appropriate for the contract to be in draft form if the appointment is a senior one and the terms are likely to be subject to negotiation, in which case it should be headed “Subject to contract”.