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Dignity at work policy

Dignity at work policyYou're not legally obliged to put in place a dignity at work policy. However, harassment on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation are all unlawful and implementi... Read more

Agency workers policy

Agency workers policyThe Agency Workers Regulations 2010 require you to give agency workers the same access to your collective facilities and information on relevant job vacancies as direct recruits. After twelve weeks, they have additional rights to... Read more

Transgender equality policy

Transgender equality policyTransgender staff are protected under the Equality Act 2010. Put in place our transgender equality policy to sit alongside your equal opportunities and dignity at work policies.The lawTrans people are protected against disc... Read more

Business travel and environment safeguarding policy

Business travel and environment safeguarding policyWe all have a duty to protect our environment by reducing our carbon footprint and our business travel and environment safeguarding policy is aimed at doing just that.  Objectives and implementation... Read more

Redundancy policy

Redundancy policyWhilst redundancy is a potentially fair reason for dismissal, you are still obliged to follow a fair procedure when implementing a redundancy programme. Our policy statement helps get you started with this.A fair redundancyRedundancy... Read more

Alcohol and drugs policy

Alcohol and drugs policyA policy statement outlining your position on alcohol and drug abuse is a must, particularly if your business is in an industry where health and safety concerns are paramount. You owe a duty to your employees and to third part... Read more

Dress and appearance policy

Dress and appearance policyYou will no doubt want your employees to dress appropriately to project a good image for your business. Whatever dress code you adopt, it must not be unreasonable or place unnecessarily restrictive demands on your employees... Read more

Food at desks policy

Food at desks policyAllowing staff to eat at their desks gives rise to a whole host of potential issues, so our food at desks policy bans them from eating any hot and cold food at their desks, but permits hot and cold drinks. If banning eating altoge... Read more

Maternity policy

Maternity policyOur policy statement sets out the statutory rules relating to maternity leave and pay. It ensures employees fully understand their rights and entitlements, as well as their obligations in relation to notifying you of their pregnancy, ... Read more

No smoking policy

No smoking policyThe smoking ban that applies to most enclosed or partially enclosed workplaces and public premises is now well established. Use our template to make sure that your policy complies across the UK.What's  covered?Smoke-free legislation ... Read more
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