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Letter advising of NMW rate freeze

Letter advising of NMW rate freezeWhere the government imposes a freeze on any of the national minimum wage (NMW) rates, it's still worth writing to the affected employees to notify them that there will be no increase to their hourly rate of pay. Use ... Read more

Letter advising of NMW rate increase - due to legislation

Letter advising of NMW rate increase (due to legislation)All employers must pay their employees at least the national minimum wage (NMW). It is reviewed annually and, so far, it has always risen. When this happens, you should notify any staff affecte... Read more

Letter providing NMW statement

Letter providing NMW statementIf you employ any staff who are paid at national minimum or national living wage levels, it's good employment relations practice to advise them in writing of the government's annual increases.Annual increasesYou must pay y... Read more

Letter for entitled workers

Letter for entitled workersIf you have any new entitled workers, you must write to them letting them know they have a right to join a pension scheme, but be aware this can be a different scheme to your qualifying workplace pension scheme.Entitled wor... Read more

Auto-enrolment postponement letter

Auto-enrolment postponement letterYou can postpone auto-enrolling employees in your workplace pension for up three months. This might mean that you never have to include temporary workers. Postponement can also be used in other situations, such as fo... Read more

Eligible jobholders' automatic enrolment letter

Eligible jobholders' automatic enrolment letterThe Pensions Acts 2008 and 2011 require every employer to automatically enrol their workers into a qualifying workplace pension scheme, if they are not already in one, and to mandatorily contribute to tha... Read more

Letter for non-eligible jobholders

Letter for non-eligible jobholdersSome of your workers may be non-eligible jobholders either because of their age or their low level of earnings. They don't have to be automatically enrolled into a qualifying workplace pension scheme but they do have ... Read more

Letter for workers already in a qualifying pension scheme

Letter for workers already in a qualifying pension schemeWhere you already have a qualifying workplace pension scheme in place for your workers and they are active members of that scheme, other than writing to them using our letter, there is no actio... Read more

Unmeasured worker daily average agreement

Unmeasured worker daily average agreementWhere a worker performs unmeasured work for the purposes of the national minimum (NMW) and national living wage (NLW), you can enter into a daily average agreement of hours with them.What's unmeasured work?For ... Read more

Itemised pay statement

Itemised pay statementUse our statement at or before you pay wages or salary to a worker to set out the breakdown of the amount paid and any deductions.Statutory provisionsThe Employment Rights Act 1996 requires that you issue every worker with a wri... Read more
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