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Extension of flexible working decision period

Extension of flexible working decision periodWhen an employee applies for flexible working, normally you must notify them of your decision within three months. However, you can agree with them to extend that period and use our letter to confirm this ... Read more

Letter rescheduling grievance meeting

Letter rescheduling grievance meetingUse our letter if you need to postpone a scheduled grievance meeting or if you're agreeing to an employee's own request to postpone. It's reasonable to reschedule either if you need to do so for business reasons or i... Read more

Invitation to absent employee to work-related event

Invitation to absent employee to work-related eventOur letter enables you to invite absent employees, such as those on long-term sick leave or maternity leave, to any work-related events. It sets out the details of the event but makes clear that the ... Read more

Withdrawal of resignation acceptance

Withdrawal of resignation acceptanceThere are a few reasons why an employee might want to withdraw their resignation and the law says you don't always have to accept that withdrawal. However, if you do, use our letter. It covers three situations. Impr... Read more

Zero-hours contract clause

Zero-hours contract clauseA zero-hours contract is generally one where you're not obliged to provide the worker with any work at all and the worker is not obliged to accept any hours offered. There are no guaranteed minimum hours of work. Therefore, i... Read more

Confidentiality clause

Confidentiality clauseAn employee owes a duty of confidentiality to you, which continues during the period of employment and, to a more limited extent, after termination. The extent of the duty depends on the facts and circumstances of each case but ... Read more

Settlement agreement

Settlement agreementWhen you want to prevent an employee from issuing proceedings in relation to the infringement of their statutory employment rights on termination of their employment, consider going down the settlement agreement route. This is an ... Read more

Proposal to dismiss and re-employ on new terms

Proposal to dismiss and re-employ on new termsIt may be possible to introduce new employment terms by terminating an employee's existing contract on notice and immediately offering to re-employ them on the new terms. Use our letter to invite an employ... Read more

GDPR register of data subject access requests

GDPR register of data subject access requestsThe GDPR requires you to demonstrate that you're complying with the data protection principles. Maintaining a GDPR register of data subject access requests can help you show that you're observing subject acc... Read more

Reply to retraction of grievance

Reply to retraction of grievanceIf an employee raises a formal grievance, it's ultimately their choice whether to pursue it. If they withdraw it, your two options are either to confirm you won't be taking any further steps or to state that you neverthe... Read more
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