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Period of leave notice for shared parental leave

Period of leave notice for shared parental leaveAn employee must give not less than eight weeks' written notice of each block of shared parental leave (SPL) they intend to take by submitting a period of leave notice for shared parental leave.Notice re... Read more

Parental leave request form

Parental leave request formBoth male and female employees are entitled to take unpaid parental leave to look after a child under 18 in respect of whom they have parental responsibility. This could involve the employee taking up to 18 weeks off work, ... Read more

Maternity leave plan

Maternity leave planFemale employees are entitled to take maternity leave and may be entitled to statutory maternity pay where they are expecting a child, provided they comply with important notification requirements.Maternity leave entitlementFemale... Read more

GDPR data protection impact assessment

GDPR data protection impact assessmentA data protection impact assessment is required where a new type of processing is likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of data subjects. Use our document as your starting point.What's a DPIA?... Read more

GDPR consent to use of employee's image

GDPR consent to use of employee's imageNormally, you can't rely on an employee's consent as the lawful basis for processing their personal data. However, using their image in marketing materials can be an exception if they have a genuine choice about wh... Read more

Grievance drafting guidance

Grievance drafting guidanceEmployees can sometimes be unclear about whether they're raising a written grievance or what exactly it's about. Our grievance drafting guidance is intended to steer them in the right direction.Clear grievance formulationYou'd... Read more

Retention bonus letter

Retention bonus letterA retention bonus is a payment offered as an incentive to keep a key employee in your employment during a particularly crucial business cycle. Our letter sets out the amount of the bonus and outlines when, and in what circumstan... Read more

Computer policy

Computer policyIt's important in all office-based workplaces to have policy statements on the use of computers, e-mail and the Internet at work and on using the telephone. Our policy covers the essentials to protect your computer systems and networks.... Read more

Warning/final warning of unsatisfactory attendance

Warning/final warning of unsatisfactory attendanceFollowing an absence management meeting, if you want to formally warn the employee about their unsatisfactory attendance, use our warning letter. It can also be adapted for use as a final warning.Fair ... Read more

Auto-enrolment postponement letter

Auto-enrolment postponement letterYou can postpone auto-enrolling employees in your workplace pension for up three months. This might mean that you never have to include temporary workers. Postponement can also be used in other situations, such as fo... Read more
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