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Letter inviting employee to mediation

Letter inviting employee to mediationIf you want to try to resolve a workplace dispute through mediation, provisionally appoint a mediator and then use our letter inviting employee to mediation to set the process in motion.  However, be aware that m... Read more

Mediation checklist

Mediation checklistAssuming an employee has agreed to participate in mediation, if the mediator is in-house, he or she can use our mediation checklist to help them to prepare for and present the mediation session.PreparationBoth the mediator and you ... Read more

Mediation policy

Mediation policyIf you have a dispute with an employee, one option is for it to be resolved through mediation. Our mediation policy advises employees of the existence of mediation as a method of resolving workplace disputes.Mediation definedMediation... Read more

Notice of performance review meeting

Notice of performance review meetingIt's possible to deal with performance issues through your disciplinary procedure. However, where the issue is one of "can't perform" (due to lack of capability) as opposed to "won't perform" (for example, because of nega... Read more

Notification of potential dismissal meeting

Notification of potential dismissal meetingThe law on termination of employment can differ according to how long the employee has worked for you. For employees with short service, termination can be relatively straightforward. Short-serving employees... Read more

Witness statement record

Witness statement recordWhen conducting a disciplinary investigation, in many cases you will need to interview witnesses and ask them to provide witness statements. Use our witness statement record to assist your employees in the provision of their s... Read more

Career breaks policy

Career breaks policyCareer breaks are often a useful way of ensuring that long-serving employees don't permanently leave your employment. If you do wish to include a provision for career breaks, always ensure they are discretionary and not contractual... Read more

Canteen facilities policy

Canteen facilities policyIf you provide your employees with a staff canteen or restaurant, it's useful to include a brief provision in your staff handbook advising them of this discretionary benefit and of the facility's opening hours.Lunch on the jo... Read more

Working time regulations policy

Working Time Regulations policyAdult workers cannot be forced to work for more than 48 hours a week on average, although they can voluntarily agree to work more than this. Our Working Time Regulations Policy statement aims to ensure that you comply w... Read more
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