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Letter suspending an employee during pregnancy

Letter suspending an employee during pregnancyIf, on health and safety grounds, a pregnant employee or an employee who has recently given birth cannot continue to perform her normal job duties and there is no suitable alternative employment to offer ... Read more

Letter to employee on maternity leave

Letter to employee on maternity leave Once an employee on maternity leave has given birth, it's a good idea to write and congratulate her. You can also use this as a useful opportunity to remind her of the expected return date and to raise the issue o... Read more

Letter postponing parental leave

Letter postponing parental leaveUse our precedent letter if you need to postpone an employee's period of parental leave under the rules of the default scheme. However, you can only postpone by up to six months and you can't postpone at all where an emp... Read more

Approval of parental leave request

Approval of parental leave requestUnless you postpone parental leave in accordance with the statutory provisions, you must accept an employee's parental leave request. Request grantedOnce you receive a parental leave request, assuming it's been made co... Read more

Career breaks policy

Career breaks policyCareer breaks are often a useful way of ensuring that long-serving employees don't permanently leave your employment. If you do wish to include a provision for career breaks, always ensure they are discretionary and not contractual... Read more

Canteen facilities policy

Canteen facilities policyIf you provide your employees with a staff canteen or restaurant, it's useful to include a brief provision in your staff handbook advising them of this discretionary benefit and of the facility's opening hours.Lunch on the jo... Read more

Working time regulations policy

Working Time Regulations policyAdult workers cannot be forced to work for more than 48 hours a week on average, although they can voluntarily agree to work more than this. Our Working Time Regulations Policy statement aims to ensure that you comply w... Read more
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