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Casual worker agreement

Casual worker agreementIf you use casual workers where there's no guarantee you'll offer them work and the worker won't generally be expected to accept any work offered, you can use our casual worker agreement. Whilst our agreement is drafted to confer ... Read more

Consultancy agreement (clause)

Consultancy agreementIf you hire a self-employed consultant for their expertise in an area that your employees may be lacking, you should put in place an agreement that not only sets out the arrangements between you but also goes as far as possible i... Read more

Redundancy policy

Redundancy policyWhilst redundancy is a potentially fair reason for dismissal, you are still obliged to follow a fair procedure when implementing a redundancy programme. Our policy statement helps get you started with this.A fair redundancyRedundancy... Read more

Selection criteria

Selection criteriaIn deciding whom to select for redundancy, you need to consider your pool for selection, the objective criteria that you are going to apply and the adoption of a fair marking system. An unfair selection for redundancy can result in ... Read more

References policy

References policyEvery employer is asked for a reference at some stage. But how should you respond - if indeed you choose to respond at all? How should you give the reference? What sort of detail should it contain? Our policy provides the answers.Re... Read more

Rejection of candidate after interview letter

Rejection of candidate after interview letterAfter the recruitment process has concluded, reject the unsuccessful interviewees and then destroy their personal information after a reasonable period of time, e.g. six months, and in accordance with the ... Read more

Medical examinations clause

Medical examinations clauseEven with the contractual power to do so, you can't force an employee to undergo a medical examination. To do so would amount to a breach of their privacy and, if the doctor doesn't have the patient's consent, a civil trespass... Read more

Letter to ex-employee threatening to contact ICO

Letter to ex-employee threatening to contact ICOUse our letter where you believe a former employee has taken personal data with them on leaving employment, such as client records, without your permission. Unlawfully obtaining personal data is a crimi... Read more

Incapacity checklist

Incapacity checklist Use this checklist to help you manage employees who are absent for a long period or are persistently absent for short periods due to sickness or injury.  Your procedure for managing sickness should be separate from your discipl... Read more
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