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Right to work checklist

Right to work checklistDon't risk a £20,000 civil penalty for employing an illegal worker. Check all new employees' right to work in the UK before they start work for you using our checklist, record the date of your check and take copies of the releva... Read more

Statement of reasons for dismissal

Statement of reasons for dismissalA dismissed employee who has sufficient continuity of service can request a written statement of the reason for their dismissal. Where the employee is dismissed while pregnant or on a period of maternity or adoption ... Read more

Redundancy policy

Redundancy policyWhilst redundancy is a potentially fair reason for dismissal, you are still obliged to follow a fair procedure when implementing a redundancy programme. Our policy statement helps get you started with this.A fair redundancyRedundancy... Read more

Letter enclosing contract of employment

Letter enclosing contract of employmentYou must issue new employees (and workers) with a written statement of employment particulars no later than day one of employment, but you might instead provide a more detailed employment contract. Use our lette... Read more

Luncheon vouchers clause

Luncheon vouchers clauseIf you provide staff with luncheon vouchers, you need to expressly refer to this benefit in their written statement of employment particulars.Statutory requirementFor employees (and workers) who began their employment on or af... Read more

GDPR restriction of processing response letter

GDPR restriction of processing response letterIndividuals have a right in certain circumstances to prevent the processing of their personal data. If processing is restricted, you can store the data, but you have limited rights to process it. Use our ... Read more

Repayment of immigration fees agreement

Repayment of immigration fees agreementOur agreement provides for a sponsored migrant worker to repay some, or all, of the fees you may agree to pay for them to obtain the necessary immigration permission to work in the UK.Employer sponsorshipIf you ... Read more

Alcohol and drugs policy

Alcohol and drugs policyA policy statement outlining your position on alcohol and drug abuse is a must, particularly if your business is in an industry where health and safety concerns are paramount. You owe a duty to your employees and to third part... Read more

Dress and appearance policy

Dress and appearance policyYou will no doubt want your employees to dress appropriately to project a good image for your business. Whatever dress code you adopt, it must not be unreasonable or place unnecessarily restrictive demands on your employees... Read more

Food at desks policy

Food at desks policyAllowing staff to eat at their desks gives rise to a whole host of potential issues, so our food at desks policy bans them from eating any hot and cold food at their desks, but permits hot and cold drinks. If banning eating altoge... Read more
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