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Deferral of jury service letter

Deferral of jury service letterYou can use our deferral of jury service letter to write to the court in support of an employee's application for deferral of jury service, or to be excused from jury service, where the reasons for the application are wo... Read more

Time off in lieu form

Time off in lieu formUse our time off in lieu form to enable your employees to keep records of all time off in lieu accrued and then taken. Ensure they are aware that the form needs to be countersigned by their line manager each time that time off in... Read more

Notice to take holiday

Notice to take holidayFrom time to time, you may wish to require an employee, or group of employees, to take annual leave on dates that you've selected. Use our notice to enable you to do this on an ad hoc basis throughout the holiday year, whether th... Read more

Holiday request form

Holiday request formIt's important that employees know how they should request annual leave. Having a formal system in place which involves the employee completing a holiday request form means that everyone knows where they stand in terms of whether a... Read more

Letter confirming a career break

Letter confirming a career breakIf you grant an employee time off work for a career break or sabbatical, you should confirm the provisions relating to it in writing, even if you already have a policy in place governing the situation. In particular it... Read more

Adoption leave request form

Adoption leave request formBoth male and female employees are entitled to take adoption leave and may be entitled to statutory adoption pay where they adopt a new child. However, only one partner is eligible to take adoption leave and they must provi... Read more

Family emergencies absence form

Family emergencies absence formEmployees are entitled to take a reasonable amount of time off during working hours to deal with emergencies involving dependants. The time off is unpaid and is only for as long as is necessary to help the employee to c... Read more

Insufficient notice of return from maternity leave

Insufficient notice of return from maternity leaveIf an employee asks to return to work early before the expiry of her one year of maternity leave, it's important that she gives the proper minimum eight weeks' advance notice of an early return. Use our... Read more

Letter triggering maternity leave due to absence for pregnancy-related reasons

Letter triggering maternity leave due to absence for pregnancy-related reasonsIf a pregnant employee is absent from work wholly or partly because of a pregnancy-related illness after the beginning of the fourth week before her expected week of childb... Read more

Offer of suitable alternative work during pregnancy

Offer of suitable alternative work during pregnancyIf, for health and safety reasons, a pregnant employee or an employee who has recently given birth cannot continue to perform her normal job duties, you are obliged to offer her suitable alternative ... Read more
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