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Lone working policy

Lone working policyIf you have employees who are required to work alone, even if this is only occasionally, you should put in place a lone working policy. Our policy sets out guidance for employees and line managers on the precautionary measures they... Read more

Payroll giving policy

Payroll giving policyUse our policy to introduce a scheme to enable you to help charity by facilitating employees to make regular tax-efficient charitable donations directly from their salary.Scheme operationA payroll giving scheme is fairly simply t... Read more

Relocation policy

Relocation policyIf you require a new recruit to move near to their place of work and you are willing to contribute towards the cost of the move, then our relocation policy is just what you are looking for.Relocation, relocation, relocationIf you are... Read more

Gifts from clients/suppliers policy

Gifts from clients/suppliers policyIt's always nice to receive tokens of appreciation from your clients. However, the receipt of gifts by employees can be open to abuse and they could even constitute bribes. Our gifts from clients/suppliers policy ensur... Read more

Time to train policy

Time to train policyUse our statement to set out your policy on time for employee training and the procedure that you will follow when dealing with a time to train request. You're free to extend your policy beyond the statutory right for eligible empl... Read more

Employee of the month policy

Employee of the month policyOur employee of the month policy is intended to motivate your workforce to achieve high standards of work performance, by awarding recognition to those who have performed particularly well each month. However, it's importan... Read more

Provision of accommodation policy

Provision of accommodation policyIt's only in certain industries that employees will be provided with living accommodation as part of their employment package. This is usually where you need the employee to live on, or very close to, their work premis... Read more

Domestic emergencies policy

Domestic emergencies policyOccasionally, employees may suffer from genuine, unforeseen domestic emergencies, such as burst pipes, heating systems breaking down, house fires, lightning strikes and burglaries. There's no statutory right to time off work... Read more

Staff discounts policy

Staff discounts policyIf you run a shop or a retail sales business and you want to offer your employees a staff discount on the goods and products you sell, use our staff discounts policy for this purpose. It's common to give discounts in the region o... Read more

Induction policy

Induction policyUse our induction policy alongside our induction checklist to ensure you have everything covered when a new employee starts work. You can also use it for newly-promoted employees and those who have transferred from a different work lo... Read more
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