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Letter to staff following a share purchase

Letter to staff following a share purchaseIf you buy an existing company by way of a share purchase, you can use our letter to write to all the employees of that company letting them know what has happened.Letter benefitsWhen you purchase the shares ... Read more

Relocation costs agreement

Relocation costs agreementIf you're intending to contribute towards a new recruit's or an existing employee's home base relocation expenses, consider asking them to sign a relocation costs agreement.Relocation expensesIf you're willing to offer relocatio... Read more

Disciplinary procedure

Disciplinary procedureDealing with conduct and other disciplinary matters is one of the most difficult challenges for any employer. Make a wrong move and an employee can exact a high price. And even if you've a good reason to take action, tribunals de... Read more

Capability procedure

Capability procedureDealing with an employee's poor performance can be particularly difficult where you know they are simply incapable of fulfilling the tasks and duties expected of them in their role, so they aren't really to blame. Our capability pr... Read more

Grievance procedure

Grievance procedureYour grievance procedure should play a crucial role in how you deal with staff complaints. Use our procedure to set out the steps that an employee with a grievance relating to their employment should take, but be aware that they ca... Read more

Letter to new employer enforcing restrictive covenants

Letter to new employer enforcing restrictive covenantsWhere you believe an ex-employee is in breach of restrictive covenants, you might consider taking legal action. You may also have a claim against their new employer. Our letter informs an ex-emplo... Read more

Attendance procedure

Attendance procedureOur attendance procedure provides a process for dealing with genuine but persistent short-term sickness absence. It's not suitable for long-term incapacity cases.ApplicationA dismissal due to persistent short-term sickness absence ... Read more

Letter extending furlough

Letter extending furloughWith the government having extended the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) until 31 October 2020, if required use our letter to extend furlough for your staff.Scheme extensionsIn mid-April 2020, the government announced ... Read more

Letter seeking agreement to flexible furlough

Letter seeking agreement to flexible furloughFrom 1 July 2020, you can ask furloughed employees to return to work part time but retain them on furlough for the remainder of their unworked usual hours. Use our letter to guide you through seeking their... Read more

Letter designating employee as flexibly furloughed

Letter designating employee as flexibly furloughedTo be eligible for a grant under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) where the employee returns to work part time, you must agree with them the flexible furloughing arrangement, confirm that a... Read more
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