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Unauthorised absence pay deduction clause

Unauthorised absence pay deduction clauseYou should ensure you reserve the right not to pay an employee for any period of unauthorised absence, which you can do with our clause. Unauthorised deductionsSubject to certain exceptions, e.g. income tax an... Read more

GDPR data subject rights clarification/refusal

GDPR data subject rights clarification/refusalUse our letter to respond to a data subject who has requested the erasure, rectification or restrictions on the processing of their personal data, where further information is required to identify the indi... Read more

Letter rescheduling performance review meeting

Letter rescheduling performance review meetingIf you need to postpone a scheduled performance review meeting, or if you agree to an employee's request to postpone, you can use our letter.Acas Code of PracticeThe statutory Acas Code of Practice on Disc... Read more

Request to witness to attend disciplinary hearing

Request to witness to attend disciplinary hearingIn some cases, it might be reasonable to invite a witness to attend a disciplinary hearing to give their evidence and answer questions in person. You can use our letter to do this.Acas Code of Practice... Read more

Letter extending furlough

Letter extending furloughWith the government having now extended the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) until 30 September 2021, if required use our letter to extend furlough for your staff.Scheme extensionThe government has now extended the CJR... Read more

Letter seeking agreement to flexible furlough

Letter seeking agreement to flexible furloughEmployees can be on full furlough or they can be on flexible furlough, under which they work for you on a part-time basis but remain on furlough for the remainder of their unworked usual hours. Use our let... Read more

Letter seeking agreement to full furlough

Letter seeking agreement to full furloughThe Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) has been extended until 30 September 2021 and it still enables you to fully furlough employees during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, provided they don't do any wor... Read more

Letter seeking consent to staggered start times

Letter seeking consent to staggered start timesAs part of making your workplace safe during the coronavirus pandemic, you might want to introduce staggered start and finish times for staff to reduce crowding into and out of the workplace.Working from... Read more

Coronavirus - letter explaining control measures taken

Coronavirus - letter explaining control measures takenWhere you've implemented the government's COVID Secure guidelines applicable to your type of workplace, it's worth writing to staff to reassure them about what control measures you've taken.Control me... Read more

Agency workers policy

Agency workers policyThe Agency Workers Regulations 2010 require you to give agency workers the same access to your collective facilities and information on relevant job vacancies as direct recruits. After twelve weeks, they have additional rights to... Read more
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