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Grievance drafting guidance

Grievance drafting guidanceEmployees can sometimes be unclear about whether they're raising a written grievance or what exactly it's about. Our grievance drafting guidance is intended to steer them in the right direction.Clear grievance formulationYou'd... Read more

Letter rejecting repeated grievance

Letter rejecting repeated grievanceWhere an employee raises a new grievance which simply repeats issues that have already been raised, and dealt with, in their earlier grievance, you can use our letter to reject it as you don't need to go over the sam... Read more

Letter informing employee of grievance against them

Letter informing employee of grievance against themWhere a grievance has been raised by one employee against another, you'll need to notify the latter employee of the grievance allegations and that they're to be investigated.Grievance processEmployees ... Read more

Letter rescheduling grievance meeting

Letter rescheduling grievance meetingUse our letter if you need to postpone a scheduled grievance meeting or if you're agreeing to an employee's own request to postpone. It's reasonable to reschedule either if you need to do so for business reasons or i... Read more

Reply to retraction of grievance

Reply to retraction of grievanceIf an employee raises a formal grievance, it's ultimately their choice whether to pursue it. If they withdraw it, your two options are either to confirm you won't be taking any further steps or to state that you neverthe... Read more

Employee grievance record

Employee grievance recordIt's advisable to keep a brief summary of an employee's grievance history on file, even if full details of any grievances have been removed because the information is now historical. Our grievance record includes the dates of g... Read more

Letter acknowledging harassment complaint

Letter acknowledging harassment complaintWhere an employee reports a complaint of harassment or bullying under the terms of your dignity at work policy, use our letter to acknowledge their complaint and to outline your policy and procedure for handli... Read more

Grievance meeting order of proceedings

Grievance meeting order of proceedingsManagers need to conduct grievance meetings in a constructive and fair manner, allowing the employee to fully explain their grievance and state how they think it should be resolved. Our document will help manager... Read more

Accepting resignation during grievance process

Accepting resignation during grievance processUse this letter when an employee resigns while there is an on-going grievance process which has resulted from a grievance that they have raised. Should you continue to look at the grievance?It is prudent... Read more

Retraction of grievance form

Retraction of grievance formOur form enables you to obtain written evidence of the retraction of an employee's grievance and it asks them to state their reasons for withdrawal, as well as making clear to them that you still reserve the right to contin... Read more
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