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Response to ex-employee's grievance

Response to ex-employee's grievanceIf a former employee raises a grievance, legally you don't have to deal with it, but that doesn't mean it's safe to ignore it. Use our letter to reply.No legal obligationWhilst you must deal with written grievances rais... Read more

Letter appointing a grievance investigation manager

Letter appointing a grievance investigation managerWhere an employee raises a formal grievance, you may need to appoint a manager to conduct an investigation, the purpose of which is to ascertain whether the employee's complaints may be well founded.R... Read more

Failure to attend grievance meeting letter

Failure to attend grievance meeting letterIf an employee simply fails to turn up to a pre-arranged grievance meeting without any apparent reason or explanation, use our letter to promptly address that situation.A re-arranged meetingIt's important that... Read more

Grievance procedure

Grievance procedureYour grievance procedure should play a crucial role in how you deal with staff complaints. Use our procedure to set out the steps that an employee with a grievance relating to their employment should take, but be aware that they ca... Read more

Grievance investigation report

Grievance investigation reportOur report enables the investigation manager to summarise the grievance investigation they carried out, together with an explanation of their findings.Investigation summaryA fair grievance procedure doesn't absolutely req... Read more

Grievance investigation plan

Grievance investigation planCreating an investigation plan for an appointed grievance investigation manager can provide them with a structured approach to follow when conducting their investigation. Appointment of investigation managerWhere an emplo... Read more

Grievance drafting guidance

Grievance drafting guidanceEmployees can sometimes be unclear about whether they're raising a written grievance or what exactly it's about. Our grievance drafting guidance is intended to steer them in the right direction.Clear grievance formulationYou'd... Read more

Letter rejecting repeated grievance

Letter rejecting repeated grievanceWhere an employee raises a new grievance which simply repeats issues that have already been raised, and dealt with, in their earlier grievance, you can use our letter to reject it as you don't need to go over the sam... Read more

Letter informing employee of grievance against them

Letter informing employee of grievance against themWhere a grievance has been raised by one employee against another, you'll need to notify the latter employee of the grievance allegations and that they're to be investigated.Grievance processEmployees ... Read more

Letter rescheduling grievance meeting

Letter rescheduling grievance meetingUse our letter if you need to postpone a scheduled grievance meeting or if you're agreeing to an employee's own request to postpone. It's reasonable to reschedule either if you need to do so for business reasons or i... Read more
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