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Training requirement clause

Training requirement clauseWhilst you probably run staff training in-house and on-site, sometimes you might require employees to attend training courses run externally or off-site, and these could take place some distance from their normal place of w... Read more

Compassionate leave clause

Compassionate leave clauseOur compassionate leave clause goes beyond the statutory right to time off for dependants and focuses on the death or very serious illness of an immediate family member. Subject to statutory provisions, it's really up to you ... Read more

Part-time employee clauses

Part-time employee clausesOur clauses extend to hours of work, pay and holidays. They have regard to the pro rata principle which states that a part-time worker must receive not less than the proportion of pay or a benefit that the number of their we... Read more

Apprenticeship agreement

Apprenticeship agreementEmployers are allowed to employ apprentices on contracts of employment, rather than on contracts of apprenticeship, subject to complying with a number of specified conditions. Our apprenticeship agreement complies with those c... Read more

Zero-hours contract clause

Zero-hours contract clauseA zero-hours contract is generally one where you're not obliged to provide the worker with any work at all and the worker is not obliged to accept any hours offered. There are no guaranteed minimum hours of work. Therefore, i... Read more

Approved English apprenticeship agreement

Approved English apprenticeship agreementEmployers are allowed to employ apprentices on contracts of employment, rather than on contracts of apprenticeship, subject to complying with specified conditions. Our approved English apprenticeship agreement... Read more

Statement of changes to employment particulars

Statement of changes to employment particularsIf any of the terms in the written statement of employment particulars change, you must give the employee a written statement of that change within one month.Statutory provisionS.4 Employment Rights Act 1... Read more

Written statement of employment particulars

Written statement of employment particularsIssuing at least a basic statement of the main terms and conditions of employment is a legal requirement. But the use of a full-blown contract with clauses tailored to suit your needs offers you far greater ... Read more

Casual worker agreement

Casual worker agreementIf you use casual workers where there's no guarantee you'll offer them work and the worker won't generally be expected to accept any work offered, you can use our casual worker agreement. Whilst our agreement is drafted to confer ... Read more

Pay secrecy clause

Pay secrecy clauseThere's no general implied term that employees must keep details of their salary confidential. So if maintaining confidentiality of salary and benefits information is important, you need an express contractual clause to cover the poi... Read more
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