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Unauthorised absence pay deduction clause

Unauthorised absence pay deduction clauseYou should ensure you reserve the right not to pay an employee for any period of unauthorised absence, which you can do with our clause. Unauthorised deductionsSubject to certain exceptions, e.g. income tax an... Read more

Letter enclosing contract of employment

Letter enclosing contract of employmentYou must issue new employees (and workers) with a written statement of employment particulars no later than day one of employment, but you might instead provide a more detailed employment contract. Use our lette... Read more

Luncheon vouchers clause

Luncheon vouchers clauseIf you provide staff with luncheon vouchers, you need to expressly refer to this benefit in their written statement of employment particulars.Statutory requirementFor employees (and workers) who began their employment on or af... Read more

Homeworker clauses

Homeworker clausesIf you recruit an employee who is to work from home for all of their working time, as opposed to working at your business premises, you can use our clauses to insert into their employment contract.Alternative clausesWith homeworking... Read more

Training costs agreement

Training costs agreementIf you invest in external training for staff and are worried they might leave as soon as they've obtained their certificate, qualification or whatever, consider asking your employees to sign a training costs agreement. But do n... Read more

Holiday shutdown clause

Holiday shutdown clauseIf you completely close down your business for a couple of weeks during, for example, the Christmas or summer period, you will probably want to ensure that the period of shutdown is taken by your employees as part of their annu... Read more

Relocation costs agreement

Relocation costs agreementIf you're intending to contribute towards a new recruit's or an existing employee's home base relocation expenses, consider asking them to sign a relocation costs agreement.Relocation expensesIf you're willing to offer relocatio... Read more

Car or car allowance clause

Car or car allowance clauseIf you provide an employee with a company car, or a car allowance, you need to refer to it in their written statement of employment particulars, or employment contract.Statutory provisionsThe Employment Rights Act 1996 requ... Read more

Outside business interests clause

Outside business interests clauseUse our outside business interests clause to restrict the ability of an employee to take on other jobs or outside business interests, both during and outside their normal working hours.All work and no playIt's quite re... Read more

Training requirement clause

Training requirement clauseWhilst you probably run staff training in-house and on-site, sometimes you might require employees to attend training courses run externally or off-site, and these could take place some distance from their normal place of w... Read more
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