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Letter to discuss end of apprenticeship

Letter to discuss end of apprenticeshipWhere an apprentice's apprenticeship is due to end in the next few months, you should start by arranging an informal meeting with them to discuss various practical issues and both parties' intentions.Fixed-term co... Read more

Equal opportunities training record

Equal opportunities training recordThere's no legal requirement to have an equal opportunities and dignity at work policy or to train your staff on the topic, but we recommend you do both because it can afford you an important defence against a claim ... Read more

Letter extending apprenticeship

Letter extending apprenticeshipIf an apprentice hasn't reached the standard necessary for completion of their apprenticeship by its end date, but you believe they'll meet it within a further reasonable time period, you might want to agree to extend the... Read more

Training feedback form

Training feedback formWhere you hold internal training events, you should always ask attendees to complete a training feedback form.  Why ask for feedback?You don't have to hold internal staff training, unless it's a legal, regulatory or continuing p... Read more

Whistleblowing at work training notes

Whistleblowing at work training notesUse our training notes to assist with providing whistleblowing training to your workers. You'll need to do this if you want to avail yourself of the statutory reasonable steps defence to avoid being vicariously lia... Read more

Whistleblowing training record

Whistleblowing training recordUse our whistleblowing training record to show that you've provided training on this subject to your workers. You'll need to do this to avoid being vicariously liable for detrimental treatment of whistleblowers by your wor... Read more

Performance progress record

Performance progress recordUse our performance progress record to track the improvements, or lack of improvement, in an employee's performance during the review period following the issuing of a formal performance warning. You should use it at regular... Read more

Confirmation of time off for training request withdrawal

Confirmation of time off for training request withdrawalUse this letter when an employee orally withdraws their application for time off for training as you must give written confirmation that the request has been withdrawn. As well as confirming tha... Read more

Confirming extension of time for next step of time off for training request

Confirming extension of time for next step of time off for training requestUse this letter to confirm an extension of time with regard to a stage of the right to train request procedure.  Most procedural time limits under the right to request time o... Read more

Promotion letter

Promotion letterUse our letter to confirm an employee's promotion. Consider making the newly promoted position subject to a probationary period to enable you to assess the employee's performance and conduct in their new role.Promotion termsIf you promo... Read more
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