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Flow chart - VAT bad debt relief

Flow chart - VAT bad debt reliefIf you make supplies of goods or services to a customer but are not paid in full or in part, you may be able to claim a reduction in your VAT bill under the bad debt relief rules.Flow chartThe Flow Chart - VAT Bad Debt... Read more

Flow chart - VAT deregistration

Flow chart - VAT deregistrationYou may be required to deregister for VAT or circumstances may allow you to do so. It can be favourable to remain registered or the opposite can be true. Either way it is important to understand what your options are in... Read more

Flow chart - VAT registration

Flow chart - VAT registrationEvery business or organisation that makes taxable supplies of goods or services in return for consideration is entitled to or must register for VAT. Once registered the business etc. must add VAT to the amount it charges ... Read more

Flow chart - reclaiming preregistration VAT

Flow chart - reclaiming preregistration VATA business is entitled to reclaim VAT it incurred on purchases of goods or services made before it was registered. As well as the general time limit of four years for goods, a shorter one of six months appli... Read more

VAT reduced rate evidence log

VAT reduced rate evidence logWhere you provide construction services relating to buildings, you may be able to charge the 5% reduced VAT rate if you can prove the property meets the necessary conditions.Reduced rateThe reduced VAT rate applies to var... Read more

Transfer of a going concern checklist

Transfer of a going concern checklistIf you're VAT registered the default position when selling a business is that you must add VAT to the selling price. However, this won't be the case if the business is being sold as a going concern.Selling a busines... Read more

Schedule of pre-registration expenditure

Schedule of pre-registration expenditureIf you trade before you register for VAT, you could claim input tax going back up to four years.Pre-trading expenditureIt is possible for you to reclaim some of the VAT you incur before you register on the firs... Read more

Agricultural flat rate scheme letter

Agricultural flat rate scheme letterIf you operate a small farming business, you might qualify for a little known scheme that can give your cash flow a boost.When is the scheme available?The agricultural flat rate scheme (AFRS) is available to a wide... Read more

Letter withdrawing from flat rate scheme

Letter withdrawing from flat rate schemeIf you use the flat rate scheme (FRS), you can leave it voluntarily at any time by writing a simple letter to HMRC.FRSIf you operate the FRS, you are free to leave it and change to standard VAT reporting at any... Read more

VAT voluntary disclosure of error letter

VAT voluntary disclosure of error letterIf you discover an error on a VAT return, you will need to correct it. In most cases this can be done simply by amending your next return, but where the error results in an increase in your VAT liability you sh... Read more
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