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VAT voluntary disclosure of error letter

VAT voluntary disclosure of error letterIf you discover an error on a VAT return, you will need to correct it. In most cases this can be done simply by amending your next return, but where the error results in an increase in your VAT liability you sh... Read more

VAT surcharge reasonable excuse letter

Reasonable excuse letterHMRC has a wide range of penalties available to it. Many of these can be reduced while others can be removed completely where you have a reasonable excuse for the action which gave rise to the penalty. Having a reasonable excu... Read more

Letter requesting partial exemption special method

Letter requesting partial exemption special methodCould your partially exempt business be paying excessive VAT when you consider how the different activities really contribute to general costs? Use this letter to ask for a unique method of apportionm... Read more

Transferring VAT number cover letter

Transferring VAT number cover letterIf you acquire the trade and assets of a business as a transfer of a going concern (TOGC), you can apply to keep a pre-existing VAT registration number.TOGCWhen you buy a business as a TOGC you have the option of t... Read more

VAT - request for a written ruling

VAT - request for a written rulingIf you have a VAT problem and can't find the answer in any of HMRC's published guidance, you can ask it for a written ruling. However, HMRC is often reluctant to provide one and it usually directs you to its guidance. ... Read more

VAT return checklist

VAT return checklistMaking a mistake on your VAT return will result in under or overpaying VAT. This might mean losing out on VAT you can reclaim or underpaying which can result in financial penalties. Our VAT return checklist can help you reduce err... Read more

Request for HMRC VAT internal review letter

Request for HMRC VAT internal review letterHMRC operates a VAT internal review system to resolve disputes without the time or expenses involved with a formal appeal. If you wish to use this facility you should apply in writing to HMRC within 30 days ... Read more

Flat rate scheme cover letter

Flat rate scheme cover letterIf your business is VAT registered, you could be eligible to use the flat rate scheme (FRS) to simplify your accounting. Use our letter to accompany your claim.VAT reportingThe amount of VAT your business normally must ac... Read more

Annual accounting scheme cover letter

Annual accounting scheme cover letterIf your business completes VAT returns, you could be eligible to join the annual accounting scheme to simplify your reporting.Annual accountingThe annual accounting scheme allows for the submission of a single VAT... Read more

Letter revoking VAT option to tax

Revoking a VAT option to tax letterIf you exercise the option to tax a commercial property for VAT purposes it is irrevocable except in a few situations. If you do want to revoke the option, use our letter to help ensure that you send the correct doc... Read more
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